Working Group for Homeless Encampments

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This working group was established on March 16, 2016 by the County Administrative Officer to address encampments in the County. It was initially made up of County departments and has now grown to include multi-disciplinary external agencies. The group partners with outreach service providers to ensure persons experiencing homelessness are offered services on site. The group meets every four to six weeks to discuss encampment statuses and address issues collaboratively. The group also meets with and provides information to empower property owners to take responsibility for their properties.

Contacting The Working Group

Reporting a Homeless Encampment Requesting Further Information Departments & Agencies

Meeting Information

The Homeless Services Forum was held on Wednesday, December 11 from 3:30 - 5:00PM at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District. Please view the video of the event and send any input and/or comments about the services to

CAO Homelessness Forum 2019 Video

Homelessness Pamphlets