Frequently Asked Questions

1. Contact Information and Location

Our location:  1221 Fulton Street, 1st Floor, Rm. 128, Fresno, CA 93721

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11867 Fresno, CA 93775-1867
Telephone: (559) 600-3310

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00a.m.- 12:00p.m. and 12:30p.m. - 4:30p.m.

Closed for lunch 12:00p.m. - 12:30p.m. and all major holidays


2. Who do we keep records for?

The Vital Statistics Program at the Fresno County Department of Public Health maintains records for
individuals who were born or who died in Fresno County during the current or previous year.  

For Fresno County records prior to these years, contact the Fresno County Recorder’s Office at (559) 600-3476.


3. How can I obtain a certified copy of a record?

Applications are accepted in person or by mail. Our office does not accept requests by fax, e-mail or
over the internet.

Certified Copies

     • Birth Certificate - $29.00 for each certified copy
     • Death Certificate - $24.00 for each certified copy
     • Fetal Death Certificate - $21.00 for each certified copy
     • Disposition (Burial) Permit $12.00 for each certified copy

We accept cash, check, money order and credit card (Visa/ MasterCard).
Credit card transactions require valid identification. There is a 2% service fee when using a credit card.

DO NOT SEND CASH BY MAIL.  Fresno County Department of Public Health Vital Statistics program cannot be held responsible for fees paid that are lost, misdirected, or undelivered.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail.

4. What is the difference between an authorized certified copy and an informational certified copy?

An authorized certified copy can be used to establish the identity of the person named on the
certificate, whereas an informational certified copy CANNOT be used to establish identity. For more
information, please refer to Authorized Certified Copy(PDF, 319KB) vs Informational Certified Copy(PDF, 354KB).


5. Does the sworn statement need to be notarized?

If you are requesting an authorized certified copy of a record via mail, you will need to provide a sworn statement and have it notarized.  If you are requesting an informational certified copy, you will need to provide a sworn statement.


6. How do I obtain an apostille?

Public Health issued birth certificates that will be used in a foreign country must first be authenticated by the County Clerks Office. Please contact the Fresno County Clerk /Elections Department at (559) 600-2575 or For more information regarding apostilles go to


7. How long will it take my application to be processed and completed?

In person applications will be processed while you wait. Allow up to two weeks for processing by mail.


8. Can I expedite my application?

The Vital Statistics Program cannot accommodate expedited requests.  


9. Where can I obtain my marriage license, obtain birth and death records from previous years, pay taxes, or record property lien?

Above records and services are provided at the Fresno County Recorder’s Office.  

1250 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA  93721

(559) 600-3471

For tax payments, please contact the County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector