Chest Clinic FAQs

Do you do TB skin tests for free?

TB skin tests are only provided in the TB chest clinic to those recently exposed to a person with active TB disease and referred to this clinic as a result of a current TB investigation. There may be a charge for the skin test depending on your insurance coverage.

Do you do routine Chest X-rays, and are they for free?

The Chest Clinic does not provide routine chest X-rays. Chest X-rays are obtained for persons identified as a contact to an active TB case and for those with active TB. Those with health insurance coverage are referred to an outside radiology lab; Those without insurance are done in the clinic by appointment. Chest X-rays are not provided free, the patient is billed for this service.

I have asthma; can you check my chest? Do you do any other kinds of physicals?

No, the Chest Clinic only provides treatment for active Tuberculosis and TB infection when the patient is part of a current TB exposure and investigation. A private physician or community health center, should follow other medical or respiratory conditions. In emergencies, you should contact your local emergency room or call 911.

I need a TB clearance for work or school. If I have tested positive in the past, what do I need to do?

Please seek follow up for TB clearance requests from your primary care provider. Chest Clinic is only able to provide TB clearance for chest clinic patients who received treatment for active TB disease or for TB infection within the last 12 months. Please see your primary care provider for TB clearance or completion of a TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

What are the symptoms of TB?

The symptoms of active TB disease are night sweats, fever and chills, unexpected weight loss, chest pains, persistent coughing more than 3 weeks, often with sputum which may include some blood. If you feel that you are having these symptoms, see your primary care provider for evaluation.