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Targeted Testing and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Adults and Children(PDF, 373KB)

CMR Form (use only to report Tuberculosis)(PDF, 893KB)

Reporting all patients with confirmed or suspected tuberculosis is mandated by California Health and Safety Code, Division 4, Chapter 5, and Administrative Code Title 17, Chapter 4, Section 2500. All health care providers, health facilities, and clinics attending a patient with confirmed or suspected active tuberculosis must report these findings to the local Health Officer, or his/her designee, within one working day.

Definition of Suspected Tuberculosis

A suspected case of tuberculosis can be defined as any person who, based on clinical or epidemiological evidence, has a reasonable likelihood of having active tuberculosis whether started on antitubercular therapy or not. These persons must be reported to the Department of Public Health within one working day of suspicion. Examples of suspected cases include:

  • Any person with clinical or laboratory evidence consistent with active tuberculosis, even if the diagnostic evaluation is incomplete or culture results pending.
  • Any person who has been started on anti-tuberculosis therapy for suspicion of active tuberculosis.
  • Any person with findings consistent with active tuberculosis, unless other clinical evidence make a diagnosis of tuberculosis unlikely.

How to Report

Complete the CMR Form (use only to report Tuberculosis)(PDF, 893KB) and notify the Department of Public Health:

  • By Phone: Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, call the Chest Clinic at 600-3413.
  • Fax Chest Clinic: 600-7602 (Monday - Friday)

IGRA Laboratory Reporting

Both positive and non-positive IGRA results are required to be reported by laboratories by the California Department of Public Health per the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 2505, Section A. Non-positive IGRA results include results that are negative, indeterminate, or borderline. Non-positive IGRA results are required to be reported as of November 1, 2022. Positive IGRA results have been required to be reported by laboratories since October 2019. More details on tuberculosis disease reporting requirements including tuberculosis laboratory reporting requirements can be found at the Fresno County Department of Public Health Epidemiology's Disease Reporting Requirements.