TB Laws in California

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Most statute regarding tuberculosis in California is found in the California Health and Safety Codes Sections 121350 – 121555. Click on the following link for the California Health and Safety Codes: SECTION 121350-121460.

California Health and Safety Codes: SECTION 121350-121460

Issues addressed there include:

  • The role of the California Department of Public Health in TB Control
    § 121350 § 121357
  • The process by which a county health department may provide a one year certificate for TB skin test technicians
    § 121360.5
  • The requirement for a written treatment plan approved by the health officer before a hospital or detention facility can discharge, release, or transfer a patient or inmate known or suspected of having TB disease (Gotch Legislation)
    § 121361
  • The requirement for any health care provider to promptly report any information on TB patients that may be required by the health officer
    § 121362
  • The responsibility of all health care providers to see that household contacts to TB patients are examined for TB infection or disease
    § 121363
  • The authority of the health officer to order examination for TB infection
    § 121364
  • The authority of the health officer to issue orders to assure the detection and complete treatment of TB disease (click here for more information on health officer orders)
    § 121365 through § 121370
  • Provisions for an annual subvention paid by the state Department of Public Health to local health departments for TB Control
    § 121450 121460
  • The authority of the health officer to mandate TB examination of anyone entering any school in the jurisdiction for the first time
    § 121475 through 121520
  • The requirement that employees of all schools be initially and regularly screened for TB
    § 121525 through 121555

Statute requiring local health care providers to report diagnosed or suspected TB disease to the local health department by telephone or fax within one working day is found in California Administrative Code Title 17 Section 2500 through 2540.

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