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Why should I apply for an MMIC?

How much processed marijuana can I have in my possession?

What if I exceed that limit?

Do I have to be a Fresno County resident in order to receive an MMIC?

Can I obtain my recommendation form from an out-of-county physician?

Is a Medical Marijuana recommendation considered a prescription?

Can I have more than one primary caregiver?

Can a primary caregiver care for more than one patient at a time?

Can I have a caregiver that lives out-of-county?

Can I be a primary caregiver for a resident of another county?

Is my MMIC recognized out-of-county?

Does a MMIC protect me from all law enforcement?

Can a minor apply for a card?

What medical documentation is needed to apply for a MMIC?

What information/documentation is required for an MMIC?

What information will appear on the card?

What MMIC cardholder personal information will be available to law enforcement?

How long will a MMIC be valid?

Is there a fee for applying for an MMIC?

Where do I apply for a MMIC?