Consumer Food Program

Fresno County Environmental Health Division's inspection reports are now available online at

The Consumer Food Program is responsible for regulating the operation of approximately 4,600 retail food facilities in Fresno County. Consumer Food Program activities include the:

  • Permitting and inspecting retail food businesses including restaurants, markets, school cafeterias, bakeries, bars, mobile food vendors, and special event food booths.
  • Review of construction plans and inspections of new and remodeled food facilities.
  • Investigation of complaints regarding violations of the California Retail Food Code including unsanitary conditions.
  • Investigation of suspected foodborne illnesses.

SB 972 : California Retail Food Code

California Senate Bill 972 (SB 972) chaptered in September 2022 changes the California Retail Food Code by establishing a new Chapter in the California Retail Food Code (CRFC) titled “Compact Mobile Food Operations.” These changes were intended to promote economic inclusion while modernizing the CRFC so that sidewalk food vendors can obtain a permit and join the regulated vending economy.

Full details of the bill can be found at the link below.




be smart be safe


Staff conducts over 11,000 routine inspections yearly. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the facilities are operating in compliance with the standards set forth in the California Health and Safety Code for the protection of the public health and safety.

The California Retail Food Code or CalCode,(PDF, 2MB) is an excerpt from the California Health and Safety Code that specifies the regulations and standards that must be met by the retail food facilities.

Eating from Unpermitted Food Vendors Can Make You Sick

Fresno County Environmental Health Division wants you to know that eating from unpermitted food vendors could be dangerous to your health. These unpermitted vendors do not have a health permit and are not inspected or approved to operate. As a result, they:

  • Have no way to wash their hands
  • May lack basic food safety knowledge
  • May not have hot or cold temperature control
  • They may get their food from unapproved sources
  • They may also store or prepare food in their home, garage, or back yard
  • The food they sell can be exposed to contamination from:
  • Bacteria that may be present can grow on their food very easily


2014 permit sticker image

Do the right thing, when eating from mobile vendors, always make sure the vendor has a permit on the back of their vehicle that looks like the above image (it is a different color every year).

If there is a sticker, you know they have been inspected and permitted. To be approved to operate, employees must have basic food safety training, the mobile vehicle must have hand washing facilities, proper equipment to hold foods hot and cold safely, proper food protection to avoid contamination, etc.

Print this flyer and distribute to your family and friends that may purchase food from unpermitted vendors.

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