Nurse Laison Program (NLP)

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What is the Liaison Program?

The Nurse Liaison Program provides Public Health Nurse (PHN) services to support infants and their families who are discharged from the Community Regional Medical Center or Valley Children's Hospital NICU through transition to community care. Services are also provided for high risk infants and children from outside agencies who due to medical and/or environmental factors, may be at risk for growth, developmental/behavioral delays or serious health problems.

In addition, the Nurse Liaison Program provides services to children referred by their child care providers due to significant developmental or behavioral delays. Services are also provided to pregnant/parenting teens from the DSS Cal Learn program.

Who does the Liaison Program serve?

Families with children younger than 6 years of age living in Fresno County.

What services are provided on home visits?

The PHN will provide:

  • medical information as needed
  • growth monitoring
  • developmental screening
  • education on a variety of topics including nutrition, immunizations and safety.

The PHN also offers family support and information on resources in the community.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost - the program is free.

How many times will the PHN visit?

The number of visits is dependent on the nurse and family deciding together. The visits are completely voluntary by the family. The program is short term with an average length of 3-6 months.

How will the Liaison Program help?

The PHN offers support and education for families with children who have challenging medical and developmental conditions. The goal of the Nurse Liaison Program is to reduce re-hospitalizations and prevent child maltreatment.

How does a child receive a home visit by a PHN?

Children are referred by doctors, hospitals, childcare providers, social workers, community agencies or the child’s own family.

Other resources

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Program Flyer

Nurse Liaison Program Flyer(PDF, 139KB)