Child Welfare Services Policy and Procedures Guides

Chapter 3 - Initial Response/Detention

Item 01: Child Protection Hotline/Intake and Referral Response Determination(PDF, 243KB)

Item 02: Use of Structured Decision Making in Emergency Response(PDF, 320KB)

Item 03: Crisis Referral Control Guidelines(PDF, 178KB)

Item 04: Drug Exposed Infant Protocol(PDF, 164KB)

Item 07: Child's Folder, Initial(PDF, 176KB)

Item 08: Assessment in Investigation of Abuse/Neglect Reports(PDF, 244KB)

Item 09: Referrals on Dependent Minors(PDF, 194KB)

Item 10: Swing and Standby Procedures for Referral and Placement Forms(PDF, 122KB)

Item 11: Standby/Standby Extension Expectations and Response to Referrals(PDF, 190KB)

Item 12: Standby Training(PDF, 127KB)

Item 13: Standby Qualifications and Application Process(PDF, 119KB)

Item 14: Protocol for Cross Reporting to Community Care Licensing - Day Care/Residential Care(PDF, 181KB)

Item 15: Interaction with Law Enforcement and Complaint Process(PDF, 133KB)

Item 16: Immigration and Naturalization Services(PDF, 140KB)

Item 17: Safely Surrendered Baby Protocol(PDF, 202KB)

Item 18: Sexually Active Teens Protocol for Non-Dependents(PDF, 134KB)

Item 19: Downgrading Referrals(PDF, 121KB)

Item 20: Return Policy for Emergency Response Referrals(PDF, 163KB)

Item 21: Emergency Response Investigation Consultation with Public Health Nurse(PDF, 89KB)

Item 22: Evaluated Out Referrals(PDF, 215KB)

Item 24: Authorization/Consent for Routine Medical Care(PDF, 249KB)

Item 25: Authorization/Consent for Emergency Medical Care(PDF, 277KB)

Item 26: Timelines for Subsequent Contacts After Initial Attempts to Contact the Family Have Been Unsuccessful and Unable to Locate Procedure(PDF, 191KB)

Item 27: Child Abuse and Neglect Classifications(PDF, 164KB)

Item 29: Drug Endangered Children(PDF, 110KB)

Item 30: Emergency Response to a Referral Regarding Non-Dependent Children with Dependent Siblings(PDF, 127KB)

Item 32: WIC 241 Protocols for Minors Who Meet Dependency and Delinquency Conditions(PDF, 174KB)

Item 33: DOJ/CACI Reporting(PDF, 198KB)

Item 34: Denial of Financial Assistance/Compensation for Services to Families Who Meet the Criteria for Denial of Reunification Services(PDF, 206KB)

Item 36: Child Abuse Review Team (CART)(PDF, 152KB)

Item 37: Assessment of Domestic Abuse Allegations(PDF, 202KB)

Item 38: Investigating Domestic Abuse Allegations(PDF, 172KB)

Item 39: Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Expectations in Emergency Response(PDF, 257KB)

Item 41: Protective Custody Warrants(PDF, 176KB)


Chapter 4 - Ongoing Case Management - Practice

Item 01: Outreach to Missing Dependents(PDF, 246KB)

Item 02: AFDC Foster Care Eligibility(PDF, 96KB)

Item 03: Service Plan Funding(PDF, 135KB)

Item 04: Ongoing Child's Folder(PDF, 183KB)

Item 05: Case Transfers, Purging and Termination of Services(PDF, 154KB)

Item 06: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing of At-Risk Children/Youth(PDF, 198KB)

Item 08: Logging and Storing Client's Belongings(PDF, 164KB)

Item 10: Parenting Program(PDF, 98KB)

Item 11: Case Plan Update(PDF, 90KB)

Item 13: Transitional Independent Living Plan For ILP Eligible Youth(PDF, 162KB)

Item 16: Administration of Foster Care Payments(PDF, 207KB)

Item 17: Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income Benefits(PDF, 272KB)

Item 20: Cultural Broker Referral Process(PDF, 312KB)

Item 21: Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Expectations in Family Reunification and Permanency Planning(PDF, 265KB)

Item 22: Treatment Services Referrals(PDF, 119KB)

Item 23: California Regional Centers Liaison (CVRC)(PDF, 142KB)

Item 24: Third Party Visitation(PDF, 295KB)

Item 25: Visitation Sanitation Guide(PDF, 133KB)

Item 27: Requirements/Training for Parents Becoming Partners Candidates(PDF, 124KB)

Item 28: Referrals to Parents Becoming Partners(PDF, 128KB)

Item 29: Visitation Progression(PDF, 178KB)

Item 30: Eligibility Criteria for AB12 Extended Foster Care(PDF, 197KB)

Item 31: Paternity Tests: Request, Notification and Documentation(PDF, 177KB)

Item 32: National Youth in Transition Database(PDF, 191KB)

Item 33: Case Planning for Youth Approaching Age 17 Years, 5 Months(PDF, 161KB)

Item 35: Best Dressed Kids/Best Dressed Teens Referral Process(PDF, 151KB)

Item 36: Use of Skype for Visitation Purposes(PDF, 133KB)

Item 37: Family Unification Program (FUP)(PDF, 234KB)

Item 38: Reproductive and Sexual Health of Foster Youth(PDF, 194KB)