Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC)


 The Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC) has been an ongoing committee to advise Fresno County Elections on issues related to improving accessibility for the senior and disabled communities to elections and election materials. The mission of the VAAC is designed to advise, assist, and provide recommendations on how voters with disabilities can vote independently and privately. The VAAC members have been influential in assisting with numerous projects, including the demonstration, testing, and bringing awareness of the accessible voting equipment. They have also helped raise awareness of disability issues when it comes to the electoral process through their involvement in the development of the Voter Accessibility Survey team and the testing of new technology for accessible voting.

 The responsibilities of the committee include:

  1. Provide expertise on improving access to voting and election materials.
  2. Promoting accessibility initiatives.
  3. Responding to questions regarding accessibility.
  4. Attend the Fresno County VAAC meetings and provide valuable input.

Upcoming Meetings

VAAC meetings will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams until further notice.


For more information, please contact the Department at
Image of people testing equipment at a VAAC meeting
Image of County Clerk James Kus demonstrating voting equipment at a VAAC meeting
Image of a sign language interpreter at a VAAC meeting
Image of people at a VAAC meeting
Image of attendees around a table at a VAAC meeting
Image of James Kus demonstrating equipment at a VAAC meeting

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