Juvenile Services

Juvenile Courthouse

3333 E. American Ave.
Building 701 Suite B
Fresno, CA  93725 map
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M
Phone: (559) 600-4700

The Juvenile Services Division provides a broad range of services to the Courts and the public. Intake and Court Services Unit is a referral source and prepare comprehensive written presentence reports on minors which aide the Courts in the sentencing process. Officers in the  Juvenile Supervision Unit supervise offenders released to the community on probation and monitor their compliance with the conditions of probation imposed by the Courts both at home and the schools they attend.

The Placement Unit works closely with Group Homes and other out-of-home placements for  minors removed from the custody of their parents by Juvenile Court order. Electronic Monitoring is Hi-Tech tool the Probation Department uses to closely supervise minors movement while on Court ordered probation, and to ensure the safety of the public.