About Probation


The Fresno County Probation Department is an active member of the criminal justice system and serves the people and courts in our county. Deputy Probation Officers supervise just under 15,000 adult and juvenile offenders who are on court-ordered probation, AB109 Realignment, or are in other diversion programs. These Probation Officers also deliver investigative duties for the courts by producing sentencing reports and recommendations.

Fresno County Probation operates the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC), which has gained national attention for equipping Probation staff with a multitude of new resources. These resources provide the youth with the structure and security that enhances the Department’s mission to influence their lives in a positive way.

Our Crime Victims’ Assistance Center was the first in the State to start aiding those affected by crimes. Our Victim-Witness Advocates offer services to individuals who have been negatively impacted by a myriad of offenses such elder/dependent abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, homicide, property crimes, as well as many others. The Victim-Witness Advocates give support to victims and witnesses so that they may overcome the effects of crime and be empowered to participate in the criminal justice system.