Juvenile Justice

Who We Are

Our Juvenile Unit is a team of highly trained attorneys who represent children who appear in juvenile delinquency court. This representation begins at their first court appearance and lasts through the termination of supervision and record sealing. In addition to attorneys, your juvenile defense team consists of a social worker, paralegal, senior legal assistant, and investigative services.

Our role is to defend the child against all allegations that have been made against them by evaluating the charges, conducting proper investigation, exploring all possible defenses, and zealously advocating on behalf of the child in all court proceedings.  Our advocacy extends to ensure that the needs of the youth are met through education, guidance, and treatment. We utilize a holistic approach to achieve the best outcome for the youth and to assist with a successful transition into adulthood. This also includes vigorous advocacy and representation of youth in foster care settings (group homes, STRTP’s, AB-12.) Our social work practitioner strives to advocate for community-based solutions as alternatives to custody, and to develop strength and need based individualized plans.

The attorney-client relationship is between us and the child. By law, we must represent the child’s stated or expressed interest, even if this conflicts with the parent or caregiver’s wishes.

Additional Information

Where is the Juvenile Justice Courthouse?

The Juvenile Justice Courthouse is located at 3333 East American Avenue, Building 701, Fresno, CA 93725.  The phone number is (559) 457-4810 option 2. 

Court website: https://www.fresno.courts.ca.gov/divisions/juvenile/juvenile-justice

Please be aware that there is no public transportation that runs to the juvenile courthouse. 

Where is the juvenile public defender office located?

The Juvenile Unit is located on the first floor of the juvenile courthouse. 3333 East American Avenue, Building 701, Suite E, Fresno, CA 93725. 

Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (closed 12 pm -1 pm for lunch)

Phone: (559) 600-6155  | Fax: (559) 600-1570

Please be aware that there is no public transportation that runs to the juvenile courthouse. 

What is the difference between an attorney and a public defender?

Nothing. Public Defenders are attorneys that are licensed to practice law that work at the Fresno County Law Offices of the Public Defender. They have the same law degree as a private/retained attorney.