Pesticide Safety

Pesticide Use Complaint Form 

The primary purpose of California’s regulatory program, known as PUE (Pesticide Use Enforcement), is to regulate, restrict, and ensure proper stewardship of registered pesticides.

The County Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws and regulations on the use of pesticides.

California is the only state with a local level presence of pesticide use enforcement. The County Agricultural Commissioner ensures a safe workplace for pesticide handlers and agricultural workers. We remain committed to more effectively identifying and mitigating health hazards as part of our comprehensive approach to protecting employees who handle pesticides or entering fields treated with pesticides, and the public who may be impacted by pesticide use.

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PUE activities help ensure the ongoing availability of pesticides essential to the protection of health and the safe production of food and fiber through the following actions:

  • The proposal of alternative application methods;
  • Adherence to mitigation procedures through added permit conditions;
  • Issuance of site and time-specific permits;
  • Routine, targeted, and consistent inspection procedures;
  • Accurate documentation of non-compliance; and
  • A strong and equitable enforcement response.

Our goals are to protect people, animals, property, and the environment from exposure to harmful pesticides by the enforcement of all laws and regulations which provide appropriate, safe, and efficient use. As part of our goals, we use public outreach, industry education, and advocacy for more sustainable pest management systems to protect the agricultural resources and environment of California in a manner that will result in the most significant benefit to all.