Mailing Address Changes

The Assessor does not assign the physical street address for each location. Each of the 15 incorporated cities in the County has a planning or zoning department that assigns addresses. In unincorporated areas, they are assigned by the Public Works and Planning Department.

Real property owners must maintain a current mailing address for each parcel owned. We will not confirm mailing address changes submitted to our office. It is up to the property owner to make sure the mailing address is correct. You are responsible for the current or upcoming property taxes even if you do not receive the tax bill.

Provide your name, parcel number, property address, new mailing address, daytime telephone number, and a signature. The request must be made in writing and signed. Requests are not accepted by telephone or email.

How to Submit

Chose one of these options:

  • Complete the Address Change form located on our forms page. This form may be sent via regular mail, faxed, or delivered in person.
  • Write to the Fresno County Assessor. See our contact information for our address.
  • When mailing your tax payment to the Tax Collector's Office, place an 'X' in the box on the front of the tax bill payment stub, complete the change of address on the back, and sign it. This information will be forwarded to the Assessor after your tax payment is processed by the Tax Collector's Office.

What to Submit

  • For property owned by an individual or individuals:
    • The request must be signed by the owner. If there are multiple owners only one signature is required.
    • If owner appoints someone to act on their behalf, submit of proof of authorization.
  • Property held in a Trust:
    • The request must be signed by the Trustee. If there are multiple Trustees only one signature is required.
    • If there has been a Successor Trustee appointed, submit a copy the Trust showing the successor.
  • Property owned by an LLC:
    • The request must be signed by an authorized principal.
    • The Operating Agreement or Statement of Information showing the name and signature of the authorized principal.
  • Property owned by a Partnership:
    • The request must be signed by one of the partners.
    • The Partnership Agreement showing the names and signature of the partners.
  • Property owned by a Corporation:
    • The request must be signed by one of the principals.
    • The Articles of Incorporation showing the name and signature of the principal.
  • Property owned by estate of deceased person or upon the death of property owner:
    • The request must be signed by authorized signatory.
    • Letters of Administration or Will