Annual Crop & Livestock Report

Fresno County is home to 1.88 million acres of the world’s most productive farmland, with agricultural operations covering nearly half of the county’s entire land base of 3.84 million acres. Farmers here raise more than 350 different crops, contributing billions of dollars directly to the California economy and supporting 20 percent of all jobs in the Fresno area. Many of the county’s crops are not grown commercially anywhere else in the nation. Every $1 generated on the farm produces another $3.50 in the local and regional economy.

Each year we survey each Fresno County grower to help us determine the value of the previous year’s agricultural production. These dollar values shared by our growers quantify the strength of our agricultural economy and represent in real numbers how Fresno County feeds the world.


View the 2022 Fresno County Crop Report(PDF, 67MB)

In 2022, Fresno County agricultural production values totaled over $8,095,546,000 – putting us as the second largest agricultural producing county in California and the nation!

Archived Crop Reports available upon request.