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The Public Health Communication (PHC) team coordinates and facilitates the Fresno County Department of Public Health's (FCDPH) communications activities. PHC's main responsibilities include media/public relations, risk communications, web services, social media, and internal communications. 

PHC values the media relationships we have developed with local news agencies and the voice their work brings to the department. We dedicate this section to making your work covering and sharing public health stories easier.

We have developed a wonderful relationship with the community by being accessible, honest, and accountable and look forward to continuing that tradition. We would be honored to provide a comment for any story you are working on and we thank you for featuring our staff in your work!

Please take some time to browse our news releases for current and past events. 

News Releases are written communication directed toward members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy with regard to the health of the community.

Public Records Act Requests

Public records maintained by the FCDPH are available for inspection by members of the public pursuant to the Public Records Act (PRA) which is contained in the California Government Code beginning at section 6250.

Requests for inspection or copies of public records:

  • Requests for public records may be made online, in person, by email, mail, telephone or fax. The FCDPH encourages requesters to submit their requests in writing to avoid miscommunication regarding the records being sought, and to help ensure that the requesters get the records as soon as possible. Unless made in person, requests should be submitted to the County of Fresno Open Public Records Portal.
  • In order for the FCDPH to locate the requested records, the request must clearly describe an identifiable record. The FCDPH is available to assist in formulating the request. Whenever possible, a request should provide the following information:
    • Names of the people, places and/or things the records involve;
    • The period of time for which the records are being sought; and
    • The program, office, or division of the FCDPH that created or maintains the records.
  • If a request is made for records in electronic format, and the FCDPH maintains them in electronic format, the FCDPH will produce them in the electronic format in which it maintains them.


Some simple requests can be satisfied immediately. For most requests, the FCDPH requires up to ten days to notify the requester whether the FCDPH has responsive records, when they will be available for inspection, the cost of providing copies, and whether any of the records contain information that is exempt from inspection. Under some circumstances, the FCDPH requires an additional 14 days to make those initial determinations.

Message for Success

Please email or call before coming to the Fresno County Department of Public Health and requesting an interview, comment or pictures/video when working on a story. We will be pleased to assist you with whatever you need, but may require notice in order to properly assist you.

Direct media inquiries can be made to Public Health Communication. To schedule an interview, please email or call (559) 259-1798 or (559) 974-2302. 

Public Health Communication 

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Phone: (559) 600-3200 FAX: (559) 600-7687
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm 

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