Funding to Other Local Entities

(As of November 3, 2021) 

American Rescue Plan Funding to Other Entities

The American Rescue Plan will deliver $350 billion for eligible state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments to respond to the COVID-19 emergency. Additionally, $122 billion will be going toward elementary and secondary education, $36 billion for postsecondary education and around $800 million to support students experiencing homelessness.

The State of California is anticipated to receive $27 billion. Local jurisdictions and educational agencies are anticipated to receive funding as shown in the following tables. 

Clovis $17,291,175 actual
Coalinga city $4,109,582 estimate
Firebaugh city $1,984,580 estimate
Fowler city $1,624,312 estimate
Fresno $170,808,029 actual
Fresno County $194,063,657 actual
Huron city $1,741,770 estimate
Kerman city $3,655,779 estimate
Kingsburg city $2,896,491 estimate
Mendota city $2,753,676 estimate
Orange Cove city $2,457,520 estimate
Parlier city $3,736,158 estimate
Reedley city $6,137,939 estimate
San Joaquin city $961,909 estimate
Sanger city $6,061,627 estimate
Selma city $5,938,668 estimate
Jurisdictions Total $426,222,872

Fresno Unified $404,884,294 estimate
Clovis Unified $54,571,735 estimate
Central Unified $41,615,759 estimate
Kings Canyon Joint Unified $38,177,676 estimate
Sanger Unified $27,528,590 estimate
Selma Unified $23,264,248 estimate
Parlier Unified $20,668,183 estimate
Kerman Unified $17,409,517 estimate
Coalinga-Huron Unified $16,710,352 estimate
Mendota Unified $15,878,100 estimate
Washington Unified $14,959,182 estimate
Fresno County Office of Education $11,125,686 estimate
Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified $8,049,841 estimate
Golden Plains Unified $8,401,491 estimate
Fowler Unified $6,017,011 estimate
Caruthers Unified $5,146,344 estimate
Kingsburg Elementary Charter $4,994,937 estimate
Riverdale Joint Unified $4,194,421 estimate
Kingsburg Joint Union High $3,804,533 estimate
Laton Joint Unified $2,791,258 estimate
Sierra Unified $2,168,730 estimate
Edison-Bethune Charter Academy $1,981,851 estimate
Raisin City Elementary $2,030,094 estimate
Pacific Union Elementary $1,859,445 estimate
Orange Center $1,716,483 estimate
Washington Colony Elementary $1,402,733 estimate
West Park Elementary $1,232,906 estimate
Westside Elementary $1,143,474 estimate
California Virtual Academy at Fresno $1,177,355 estimate
W.E.B. DuBois Public Charter $1,159,358 estimate
Aspen Valley Prep Academy $955,189 estimate
Sierra Charter $1,119,268 estimate
Monroe Elementary $1,008,020 estimate
Carter G. Woodson Public Charter $947,059 estimate
Big Picture Educational Academy $871,574 estimate
Kepler Neighborhood $698,112 estimate
Aspen Meadow Public $680,061 estimate
Alvina Elementary $468,469 estimate
School of Unlimited Learning $458,034 estimate
Burrel Union Elementary $343,604 estimate
Clay Joint Elementary $255,394 estimate
Career Technical Education Center $233,255 estimate
University High $175,775 estimate
Sanger Academy Charter $- estimate
Big Creek Elementary $147,888 estimate
Hume Lake Charter $124,512 estimate
Reedley Middle College High $- estimate
Crescent View West Public Charter $- estimate
Yosemite Valley Charter $- estimate
Quail Lake Environmental Charter $- estimate
Morris E. Dailey Charter Elementary $- estimate
Crescent View South II $- estimate
Pine Ridge Elementary $11,181 estimate
Clovis Online Charter $- estimate
Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez II Public Charter $- estimate
West Park Charter Academy $- estimate
Hallmark Center $- estimate
Dunlap Leadership Academy $- estimate
Local Education Agencies Total $754,562,982