Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)

The Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC), formerly known as the Bilingual Committee, is an ongoing committee to advise Fresno County Elections on issues related to language accessibility of elections and election materials. The mission of the LAAC is to advise and assist with implementation of federal and state laws relating to access of the electoral process by Limited English Proficiency (LEP) voters so that all voters can understand the voting process. The LAAC also provides recommendations identifying and prioritizing activities, programs, and policies to ensure every voter has equal access to vote.

The responsibilities of the committee include:

  1. Providing expertise on language accessibility issues.
  2. Promoting language accessibility initiatives.
  3. Responding to questions regarding language
  4. Attend the Fresno County LAAC meetings and provide valuable input.

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Previous LAAC meeting information can be found HERE.