Post Bar Law Clerk

Ongoing Applications

The competitive Post Bar Law Clerk Program of the Fresno County District Attorney's Office affords individuals who have taken the California Bar examination the opportunity to develop their legal analysis and courtroom presentation skills in a fast-paced, collaborative, dynamic prosecuting agency while awaiting California Bar results. Employment in this position, while subject to some flexibility, begins no more than four weeks after the Bar exam is completed. Successful Post Bar applicants are expected to be certified to appear in court by the California State Bar and to work 28 hours per week with possible hourly compensation.

Post Bar Law Clerks are generally assigned to the busiest units within the Fresno County District Attorney's Office to maximize the amount of experience and exposure each Post Bar Law Clerk receives while participating in our Program. Program participants shall gain essential prosecutorial experience by answering defense motions, conducting legal research and writing memoranda thereon, assisting attorneys in trial preparation, conducting felony preliminary hearings, opposing motions to suppress evidence, and possibly assisting in misdemeanor jury trials, all under the supervision of experienced Deputy District Attorneys.


The requirements to apply to the Fresno County District Attorney Post Bar Program are as follows:

  • 3L (or equivalent part-time JD program last-year) standing, with JD degree to be awarded the Spring term before Program participation.
  • Commitment to taking the California Bar exam when next offered of the year of Program participation
  • The ability to be certified through the PTLS Program of the State Bar during the Program period
  • Resume, cover letter and transcript
  • Writing Sample (not to exceed ten typed pages)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (Please provide 2 only)
  • Submit to a thorough background investigation, receiving a positive determination
  • Complete and submit a Fresno County Employment Application

All offers made to applicants are contingent upon the successful completion of each requirement. Those requirements that an applicant cannot have completed at time of application (i.e. successful completion of his or her JD program, positive determination of background investigation and completion of California Bar exam) MUST be successfully completed within a reasonable time before the beginning of the Post Bar Program period for which the applicant was accepted.


  • If taking the February Bar - 11/25/2024
  • If taking the July Bar - 1/20/2025

Those interested in joining our Office as Post Bar Law Clerks must timely submit their required application materials, in a single .pdf file to Leslie Gillespie at: