Local Vendor & DVBE Preferences

The following provisions are applicable only to the County’s acquisition of materials, equipment or supplies through the RFP/RFQ/Informal Bid process when the funding source does not require an exemption to the Local Vendor Preference.

If the apparent low bidder is not a local vendor, any local vendor who submitted a bid which was within five percent (5%) of the lowest responsive  bid as determined by the purchasing agent/manager shall have the option of submitting a new bid within forty-eight hours (not including weekends and holidays) of County’s delivery of notification. Such new bids must be in an amount less than or equal to the lowest responsive bid as determined by the purchasing agent/manager.  If the purchasing agent/manager receives any new bids from local vendors who have the option of submitting new bids within said forty-eight hour period, it shall award the contract to the local vendor submitting the lowest responsible bid. If no new bids are received, the contract shall be awarded to the original low bidder as announced by the purchasing agent.

Fresno County Local Vendor (FCLV) is any business which:
1. Has its headquarters, distribution point or locally-owned franchise located in or having a street address within the County for at least six (6) months immediately prior to the issuance of the requested for competitive bids by the purchasing agent; and

2. Holds any required business license by a jurisdiction located in Fresno County; and
3. Employs at least one (1) full-time or two (2) part-time employees whose primary residence is located within Fresno County, or if the business has no employees, shall be at least fifty percent (50%) owned by one or more persons whose primary residence(s) is located within Fresno County.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) is any California vendor which:

Must be certified by the State of California as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) as of the close of the competitive bid process in which they are participating.  State certification as a DVBE is issued by the California Department of General Services.

RFQs and RFPs released by Purchasing contain all the vendor preference forms needed to submit to qualify for the preference(s).

Please contact the Purchasing Division with any questions at 559-600-7110 email us at CountyPurchasing@FresnoCountyCA.gov.