Industrial Hemp


Industrial hemp planting on the west side of FresnoIndustrial hemp cultivation is permitted in Fresno County. Industrial hemp is defined as plant material from Cannabis sativa that has a total THC level of 0.3% or below based on laboratory analysis. Industrial hemp is used to produce a variety of products from extracts such as CBD, CBG and hemp oil, to feed and fiber.

Growers wishing to cultivate industrial hemp must first register in the county where they will be cultivating. All sites where the hemp will be produced are mapped. Each cultivar that will be planted must be approved prior to planting. The seed or clones must have been produced in compliance with the state plan from the state of origin. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) showing that the parent plants tested at a total THC level of 0.3% or below is required as well as proof that the producer was registered with the state where they produced the seed or clones.

Alternatively, cultivars on the List of Certified Industrial Hemp Varieties for California may be cultivated.

Prior to harvest, all plantings are sampled by county inspectors. The samples are sent to approved laboratories for analysis. Plants that have total THC levels of 0.3% or below may be harvested. If a planting tests above 0.3% total THC but not more than 1.0% THC, the lot may be re-tested. If the second test is above 0.3% total THC or any test exceeds 1.0%, that planting is subject to destruction.

Growers must submit a harvest report to the County Agricultural Commissioner within 72 hours of completing the harvest. Growers who destroy any portion of an industrial hemp planting must submit a destruction plan to the County Agricultural Commissioner and receive approval for the plan prior to commencing destruction.


In order to register as an Industrial Hemp Grower or Industrial Hemp Seed Breeder the following information is required:

  • a completed and signed registration form (see Registration Links in this section);
  • FBI criminal history reports for all key participants;
  • a detailed map of the production site(s);
  • for hemp growers, a Certificate of Analysis and Grower Registration for each cultivar of hemp you wish to plant;
  • a variety development plan (required for Seed Breeders only);
  • a copy of the lease agreement if the property where the hemp will be produced is leased; and
  • a check or money order for $900 made out to CDFA Cashier. This payment is submitted to the Fresno County Department of Agriculture.

The requirements to cultivate industrial hemp are currently in flux. The California Department of Food and Agriculture implements new regulations and modifies existing regulations frequently. This is to comply with the United States Department of Agriculture Interim Final Rule.

Registration Links

Completed registrations should be scanned as a single document (preferably PDF) and emailed to Your registration will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by a staff member.

Commonly Used Forms for Registered Industrial Hemp Growers