Del Rey Sidewalk Project

4_Looking west on north side of Jefferson south side of school.JPG

Located within the disadvantaged rural unincorporated community of Del Rey, an area of persistent poverty, the project includes sidewalk improvements with an emphasis on ADA compliance. The project would provide basic amenities such as pedestrian facilities that are ADA compliant to improve community health and encourage alternative transportation to different destination points. These destination points include community centers, places of worship, local businesses, the U.S. Post Office, and the elementary school. Currently, the majority of the proposed project area lacks sidewalk. Pedestrians are forced to either walk on a dirt path or in the street alongside motorized vehicles. People with disabilities who may be wheelchair-bound are forced to travel in the street alongside traffic instead of having adequate sidewalk and ADA curb ramp facilities.

Residents and visitors of Calwa will enjoy improved access and safety in their journeys around their community without the currently existing barriers. This will encourage them to walk, cycle, or use their wheelchair instead of using a car.

The project is currently in the design phase and is expected to cost approximately $3,000,000.