County Parks Rules and Regulations

General Rules

  1. Possession of firearms is prohibited.
  2. Harassment or killing of wildlife is prohibited.
  3. Exceeding posted speed limits is prohibited.
  4. Selling of food, drink or merchandise is prohibited unless you have a vendor permit.
  5. Possession of fireworks is prohibited.
  6. No parking except in designated areas. All vehicles, including trailers, must remain on paved, parking areas.
  7. Pets must be on a leash (maximum 6 feet) at all times.
  8. No washing or repairing of vehicles except for minor emergency repairs.
  9. Trash is to be disposed of in the proper receptacles.
  10. Bounce houses allowed with a permit, reservation.
  11. No water features (water slides, pads, balloons, or personal water tanks/trucks) allowed.

Camping Rules

  1. Two vehicles, eight-person limit per campsite with two tents allowed.
  2. Campsite must be occupied the first night and cannot be unoccupied more than 24 hours during the stay.
  3. Pets are required to be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times.
  4. Quiet hours are 10 pm to 6 am - All radios and generators need to be off.
  5. Keep campsite clean. Take trash to the trash bin at the entrance of the campground.
  6. Keep all vehicles on paved areas.

Bounce Houses, Inflatables, and Permits

  1. To make a reservation for a group picnic area please call (559) 600-3004.
  2. A Special Event Permit form must be submitted for either a bounce house or caterer.
  3. A Certificate of Liability from the owner of the amusement equipment must be submitted with the filled out Special Event Permit form. Please see the Sample of Certificate of Liability(PDF, 147KB).
  4. A reservation is required for a bounce house. Electricity is available only with a reservation.
  5. For special events at Courthouse Park, a facility use permit must be filled out and returned.

 Complete Rules and Regulations are posted on the bulletin boards throughout the parks.

 Mailing Address:
County of Fresno
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