Retiree Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500

Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500: Plan Details

Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500

HDPPOs, or High Deductible Preferred Provider Organizations, have high deductibles and low premiums. As with other PPO plans, they allow you to use out-of-network providers, but at a higher rate. The deductible period for HDPPO plans is based on the calendar year.

  • Medical, mental health, and prescription coverage is through Anthem Blue Cross.
  • Vision coverage is through Vision Service Plan (VSP).




Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500: Plan Details

Deductibles & Copays:

  • The deductibles for this plan are $1,500 Individual / $3,000 Family (calendar year) if accessing services with preferred providers.
  • You may still be responsible for 20% of services after the deductible has been met. Please see the Evidence of Coverage for details.
  • Deductibles and copays are waived if accessing preventive care services.

Detailed Plan Information & Links:

Provider Information

Provider Information: 

With our PPO plans, you have the option to go to a preferred or non-preferred doctor or hospital each time you access care. For a complete list of providers,  including specialists and behavioral health providers, please visit the Anthem Blue Cross website at Your out-of-pocket medical expenses will count toward your annual deductible.

  • Physicians, Specialists, and Behavioral Health Providers
    • You do not need to select a primary care physician.
    • You do not need a referral to see a specialist.
    • You may self-refer to a behavioral health provider
    • You may access services with any provider (including both preferred and non-preferred).
      • Your copayments, coinsurance amounts, and calendar-year copayment maximum will be at the lowest amount for your plan when you access services with preferred providers.
    • If using a non-preferred provider, please click here(PDF, 319KB) to review how services are paid. 

Anthem Blue Cross 24/7 Nurseline

Anthem Blue Cross 24/7 Nurseline

Phone: (800) 224 - 0336
TTY: (800) 368 - 4424

Anthem Blue Cross Nurseline Flyer(PDF, 415KB)

LiveHealth Online

Anthem Blue Cross members also have access to LiveHealth Online, a website and smartphone application that allows users to video conference doctor's visits without the hassle of going to the doctor's office.

For more information visit LiveHealth Online's website: LiveHealth Online.

The LiveHealth Online copay cost for the Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500 plan is $49.00, with the deductible waived in this circumstance. 

How to Print a Temporary ID Card

Print a Temporary Anthem Blue Cross ID Card

  1. Visit Anthem's website at and login.
    • If this is the first time logging in, you will need to register first. Use your social security number as your member ID.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to Customer Support and select the "Print Temporary ID Card" option.

Prescription Coverage

Prescription Coverage:

Prescription drug coverage for the Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO 1500 plan is provided through Anthem Blue Cross (IngenioRx). Your prescription expenses will count toward your annual deductible. While Anthem Blue Cross has discounts towards prescriptions, you may have to pay full price for drugs if your deductible has not been met. Call Anthem Blue Cross for more information.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA):

Participants in the Anthem Blue Cross HDPPO plans may be able to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). HSAs are a tax-favored savings account that are used with a qualifying high-deductible health insurance plan. HSAs allow you to legally avoid federal income tax by contributing up to a certain contribution amount set by the IRS (contribution limits vary by year). HSAs are not coordinated through the County of Fresno but may be set up through many local banks or financial institutions. For more information on HSAs, please check with your local bank.


Health Savings Accounts with Flexible Spending Accounts:

If you open an HSA to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, you cannot also have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical expenses. However, you can use an FSA to pay for out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses.


Health Plan Contact Information

Anthem Blue Cross Member Services
Phone: (800) 967 - 3015

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Member Services
Phone: (800) 877 - 7195


Human Resources - Employee Benefits Division

Phone:(559) 600 - 1810
Fax:(559) 455 - 4787

Address*:2220 Tulare St., Suite 1400, Fresno, CA 93721

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