Qualifying Events & Changes Permitted

Qualifying Events & Changes Permitted

Qualifying Events & Changes Permitted

Employees may make changes to their health insurance plans outside of the Open Enrollment period if they experience a qualifying life event, provided they submit the appropriate forms and required documentation within thirty (30) days of the qualifying event. Changes permitted and required documentation are dependent upon the type of qualifying event experienced. Changes may include enrolling or removing dependents, changing health plans, or opting out of County health plan coverage. Be advised, the below list is not extensive.

Qualifying Events include:

  • Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • Divorce or Legal Separation
  • Birth, Adoption, or Obtaining Legal Guardianship
  • Death
  • Eligible Dependent(s) Being Certified with a Disability
  • Loss of Other Medical Coverage
  • Gaining Other Medical Coverage
  • Change In Residence (Moving Into or Out of the Service Area)
  • Judgment, Decree, or Court Order
  • Entitlement to Medicare
  • Returning From an Unpaid Leave of Absence of Greater Than Thirty (30) Days During Which Time You Have No County-Sponsored Health Benefits

If you experience a qualifying event and would like to make a corresponding change to your coverage, you the completed Health Insurance Application, along with the required supporting documents, to Employee Benefits within 30 days of the qualifying event date. If your documents are not received by Employee Benefits within that time-frame, you will have to wait for the next Open Enrollment period to make your desired changes.

For details or clarification on changes permitted and required documents, please contact Employee Benefits as soon as possible as qualifying event changes are time-sensitive.


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