Anthem BlueCross EPO

Anthem Blue Cross EPO: Plan Details


Yosemite EPO, Sierra EPO, & Pismo EPO

Note: All three EPO plans have a $0 deductible.

EPOs, or Exclusive Provider Organizations, are copay based and only cover services performed solely by providers within their network (with the exception of emergency services). On this plan, you may self-refer to in-network specialists.

  • Medical and mental health coverage is through Anthem Blue Cross.
  • Prescription coverage is through EmpiRx.
  • Vision coverage is through the Vision Service Plan (VSP).

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Is Your Doctor in the Anthem Network?

Is Your Doctor In the Anthem Network?

Visit Anthem’s Website today and follow this pathway:

  1. Providers > Provider Resources > Find a Doctor
  2. From here, you can search as member or search as guest.
    • How do you get insurance? Through my employer
    • What state do you want to search in? Choose the State
    • What type of care are you searching for? Medical
    • Select a plan/network: EPO (it should be about 6 down on the list)
  3. Finally, use the search engine to look for your doctor!

Provider Information:

This plan uses a provider network. You may only access services from providers who are in the EPO network (this excludes emergency services - please review the Evidence of Coverage for details). For a complete list of providers, including specialists and behavioral health providers, please visit the Anthem Blue Cross website at The guide above is provided to help with website navigation.

  • Physicians:
    • You do not need to select a primary care physician.
    • You may access services with any provider, as long as the provider is within the EPO network.
  • Specialists:
    • You do not need a referral to see a specialist, as long as the specialist is within the EPO network.
  • Behavioral Health Providers:
    • You may self-refer to a behavioral health provider, as long as the provider is within the EPO network.

How to Print a Temporary ID Card

Print a Temporary Anthem Blue Cross ID Card

  1. Visit Anthem's website at and login.
    • If this is the first time logging in, you will need to register first. Use your social security number as your member ID.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to Customer Support and select the "Print Temporary ID Card" option.

Plan Comparison Chart

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Anthem BlueCross 24/7 Nurseline

Anthem Blue Cross 24/7 Nurseline

Phone: (800) 224 - 0336
TTY: (800) 368 - 4424

Anthem Blue Cross Nurseline Flyer(PDF, 415KB)

LiveHealth Online

Anthem Blue Cross members also have access to  LiveHealth Online, a website and smartphone application that allows users to video conference doctor's visits without the hassle of going to the doctor's office. 

For more information visit LiveHealth Online's website: LiveHealth Online(PDF, 224KB).

 LiveHealth Online Copay Cost For Anthem Plans
  Anthem Blue Cross Plan  LiveHealth Online Copay
  EPO  $0
  EPO 500  $0
  EPO 1000  $0
  PPO 250  $0
  HDPPO 3000  $49*
 *Applied towards deductible.


Anthem Blue Cross members have access to 98point6, a smartphone application that allows users to text and video conference doctor's visits without the hassle of going to the doctor's office. 98point6 provides 24/7 secure text-based care for you and your family members ages 1+ enrolled in an Anthem Blue Cross medical plan.

See the 98point6 flyer(PDF, 662KB) for more information.



Health Plan Contact Information

Anthem Blue Cross Member Services
Phone: (800) 967 - 3015

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Member Services
Phone: (800) 877 - 7195

EmpiRx Prescriptions Member Services
Phone:(877) 262 - 7435


Human Resources - Employee Benefits Division

Phone:(559) 600 - 1810
Fax:(559) 455 - 4787

Address*:2220 Tulare St., Suite 1400, Fresno, CA 93721

*Please note that Employee Benefits is not responsible for any lost or stolen mail,
nor mail received after the deadline. All paperwork and supporting documentation
must be received by the Employee Benefits office prior to any deadlines.