23-01-C Jensen Avenue Overlay and Shoulder Improvements

Madera Avenue to Dickenson Avenue 


The anticipated award date for this project is May 7, 2024.

A bid opening for this project was held on March 28, 2024 on Zoom.

Bid Summary(PDF, 144KB)

Everyone who expressed interest in this project is available on the Planholders List(PDF, 119KB)


The work to be done consists of, in general, constructing a 4-foot-wide paved shoulder with shoulder backing, and asphalt concrete overlay on West Jensen Avenue from South Madera Avenue to South Dickenson Avenue (approximately 5.01 miles) in the County of Fresno, California. It also includes the realignment of the road’s crown line from approximately road stations 180+50 to 274+75, grind and overlay road pavement at Jensen and Dickenson intersection, reconstruction of the concrete curb islands at Jensen and Dickenson intersection for the existing traffic light poles, removal of abandoned culvert headwalls, and installation of road pavement striping, signs and other miscellaneous items as specified in the plans and specifications. The project may require a certain work sequencing. Attention is directed to Section 10-1.02A of the Special Provisions.

Federal Project Number: CML-5942 (283)

The DBE goal for this project is 18 percent

The engineer's estimate range is $3,700,000 to $4,100,000

Location Map


Specifications and Plans

Notice to Bidders(PDF, 6MB) posted 2/27/2021

Specifications(PDF, 6MB) (6 MB) posted 3/4/2024

Plans(PDF, 18MB) (18 MB) posted 3/4/2024

Addendum 1(PDF, 3MB) posted 3/22/2024

Supplemental Information

Requests for Clarification Responses updated 3/21/2024

Cross Sections, part 1(PDF, 128MB) (130 MB) posted 3/12/2024

Cross Sections, part 2(PDF, 146MB) (150 MB) posted 3/12/2024

Cross Sections, part 3(PDF, 46MB) (45 MB) posted 3/12/2024

Cross Section Sheet No. C23(PDF, 13MB) (13 MB) posted 3/21/2024