23-13-C CSA 30 & 32 Well Site Improvements and Manganese Treatment


23-13-C was awarded on January 09, 2024 to Syblon Reid.

A bid opening for this project was held on November 16, 2023 on Zoom.

Bid Summary(PDF, 251KB)

Everyone who expressed interest in this project is available on the Planholders list(PDF, 263KB).


The project consists of, in general, furnishing all labor, materials and equipment necessary to construct well site improvements at two communities within Fresno County. The work at each location will consist of the demolition of existing facilities, site grading, furnishing and installation of booster pumps, manganese treatment facilities, hydropneumatic tanks, site electrical facilities and incidentals to complete the work described in the Plans and the Specifications.

The engineer's estimate range is $5,200,000 to $5,800,000.

Location Map(PDF, 507KB)


Specifications and Plans

Notice to Bidders(PDF, 360KB) posted 9/5/2023

Plans(PDF, 37MB) (37MB) posted 9/5/2023

Specifications(PDF, 16MB) (16MB) posted 9/8/2023

Addendum 1(PDF, 371KB) posted 10/27/2023

Addendum 2(PDF, 836KB) posted 11/2/2023

Addendum 2 - Plans(PDF, 4MB) posted 11/2/2023

Addendum 3(PDF, 363KB) posted 11/3/2023

Addendum 4(PDF, 398KB) posted 11/7/2023

Addendum 5(PDF, 289KB) posted 11/13/2023

Addendum 5 - Plans(PDF, 2MB) posted 11/13/2023

Supplemental Information

Requests for Clarification Responses updated 11/2/2023

CSA 30 Water Quality Test Results(PDF, 1MB) posted 10/11/2023

CSA 32 Water Quality Test Results(PDF, 224KB) posted 10/11/2023

School Pipeline As-Built Plans(PDF, 28MB) (28MB) posted 11/2/2023

Pothole Report(PDF, 5MB) posted 11/2/2023

Geotechnical Report(PDF, 4MB) posted 11/2/2023

Lime Treatment(PDF, 167KB) posted 11/2/2023

Pre-Bid Conference

A pre-bid conference was held on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 10:00 am Pacific.

Pre-Bid Conference Agenda(PDF, 210KB) 

Pre-Bid Conference Attendance(PDF, 76KB)

Pre-Bid Conference Minutes(PDF, 99KB)