Housing Assistance

house with keys
  • Department of Social Services Homeless Assistance

    Provides assistance to CalWorks eligible families once  in a 12- month period,  with temporary housing, permanent housing or arrears payments

  • Catholic Charities 

    Emergency assistance for individuals in crisis situations and in time of difficult transitions with Clothing (Thrift Store), Shelter, a Food Pantry and bus fare. (559) 237-0851

  • Emergency Housing Center (Plaza Terrace)

    Helps provide temporary emergency shelter and assistance getting in to permanent housing for eligible families - Referral is needed. (559) 443-8441

  • United Way

    Emergency Informational Services such as: Homeless Prevention Programs, Food & Shelter Assistance, Help with Landlord-Tenant Issues, Youth Parenting Resources, Legal Services Referrals and more. Dial 211 or 1(866) 559-4211

  • Evangel Home, Inc

    Shelter Assistance for Single women and women with children (boys under age 9) accepted. (559) 264-4714

  • Fresno Rescue Mission

    Provides temporary shelter & programs for men or families with children. (559) 268-0839

  • Marjaree Mason Center

    Offers temporary emergency Safe Housing for adults and children escaping domestic violence. MMC also has other housing options that provide assistance to eligible families affected by domestic violence. (559) 233-HELP/(559) 233-4357

  • Fresno Housing Authority

    Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8), Public Housing Rentals and conventional housing programs assist eligible low to moderate income residents by subsidizing a portion of their rent. Other programs are available to qualified applicants. (559) 443-8400