Minor Consent Medi-Cal

The Minor Consent Medi-Cal program is a special confidential program for persons under 21 years of age. To qualify for the services a minor must be unmarried and considered living in the home of a parent. The program allows Minor Consent Medi-Cal eligibility based on only the minor’s income and/or property.  The application for services may be requested without parent’s consent or knowledge. 

A minor may receive the following services based on age, without parental consent:

Under Age 12

  • Sexual assault services 
  • Pregnancy and pregnancy-related care
  • Family planning services

Age 12 and older

  • Mental health outpatient care 
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment/counseling
  • Sexual assault services
  • Sexually transmitted diseases treatment
  • Pregnancy and pregnancy-related care
  • Family planning services

A minor may apply for the confidential services by telephone at 559-600-9799 Monday through Friday from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM or in person Monday through Friday from 07:30 AM to 3:30 PM at:

  • Clovis Campus Building 1: 3500 Never Forget Lane, Clovis, CA
  • Coalinga Regional Center: 311 Coalinga Plaza Drive, Coalinga, CA
  • Kerman Regional Center: 15180 W. Whitesbridge Ave, Kerman CA
  • Reedley Regional Center:  1195 E. Manning Ave, Reedley, CA
  • Selma Southeast Regional Center:  3830 McCall Ave, Selma, CA