Employment Services

Employment Services is responsible for recruitment and examination activities, workforce reduction processes, administration of the classification and compensation program and retention analysis; as well as providing funding and support to the Civil Service Commission.

Sharayah Bell - Human Resources Manager
14th Floor - Fresno County Plaza Building
(559) 600-1830
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Civil Service Commission

The County Charter establishes the Civil Service Commission to oversee a merit system of selection and retention of County employees in the classified service. The County Ordinance Code (Sections 170 -182, Division II, Chapter 2) provides that the Director of Human Resources shall administer the human resources program for both the classified and unclassified service. The Commission consists of five (5) members appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve four-year terms of office. The chairperson shall call meetings as often as necessary but at least once a month.

The Commission will consider the legitimacy of, and hear where it deems appropriate, an appeal by an individual(s) from actions taken on classified service matters governed by the provisions of these rules unless either:

  1. appeal is expressly forbidden; or
  2. another authority is specified in these rules as final adjudicator; or
  3. the employee has sought adjudication through the Fresno County Grievance Procedure.

Conversely, matters appealed under this section may not also be grieved through the County's Grievance Procedure. A written petition for hearing must be submitted within ten working days from the date of the action being appealed except the Commission may, with good cause, consider an extended period. The Commission will consider the petition at its next regular meeting.

The Commission shall conduct disciplinary hearings relative to actions specified in Personnel Rule 10, in accordance with the provisions therein.

The Commission will conduct hearings in accordance with its role specified in the County's Discrimination Complaint procedure. The Commission involvement shall be restricted to matters relating to rejections during probationary periods as authorized by Personnel Rule 5, Section 5024.

For more information regarding the Civil Service Commission, please contact the Civil Service Commission Secretary, Charlene White-Resendez, by calling (559) 600-1833 or by writing to the following address:

Civil Service Commission
P.O. Box 1962
Fresno CA 93718

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

The purpose of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) is to ensure equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all persons and to attain the elimination of discrimination in employment practices to the fullest extent reasonable and feasible of accomplishment by local government. The overall goal of the County of Fresno is to obtain and maintain a diverse workforce reflective of its community wherein employees are selected, managed and retained based on merit consistent with the Civil Service System and all Federal and State EEO laws and regulations.

The EEOP reinforces equal employment opportunities throughout every level of the County as an organization with emphasis on hiring, promotions, retention, and career development opportunities. Furthermore, the EEOP makes equal employment opportunity a reality for all County employees and is intended to be a Countywide guide for a plan of action and reference resource.

Reasonable Accommodation

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The County of Fresno will make reasonable accommodations upon request for individuals with qualifying disabilities on a case-by-case basis for testing and/or selection process.

Prior to any part of the testing and/or selection process, please notify the analyst who is conducting the recruitment of your need for reasonable accommodation at (559) 600-1830.

Verification of a qualifying disability is required.

The County of Fresno is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Recruitment & Examination Process

The County of Fresno conducts recruitments for all departments on a regular basis. Each recruitment consists of an examination process which is developed to measure candidates' relative abilities to perform the essential functions of the position for which they are applying. Tests may consist of written, oral, performance, physical, education and/or experience evaluations, or a combination of these or any other processes to identify the best qualified candidates.

Typically candidates achieving a passing score of 70% or above will be placed on an employment list for a specified period of time. Candidates who qualify for Veteran's Preference credit will have 5% added to their passing score. Generally, the top ten ranked individuals on the employment list (in accordance with Personnel Rule 4) will be referred to the hiring department for employment consideration. Those not selected remain on the list for future vacancy consideration until such list expires.

Upon referral of names from an employment list, hiring departments will contact candidates to schedule interviews. Offers of employment may be contingent upon successful completion of reference checks, background investigation, medical and psychological examinations and any other requirements related to employment.

Glossary of Terms

  • Employment List - This list, also called an “eligible” list, contains names of persons who have passed the examination.
  • Veteran's Preference - The County of Fresno provides a 5% credit to veterans who have served during a time of conflict. This credit, for applicable exams, is added to the total of the candidate's weighted qualifying score. To qualify for Veteran's Preference credit, applicants must submit a DD214 or other certificates of discharge during the recruitment filing period. Veteran's Preference is allowable only on initial entrance into County service.
  • Background Investigation - Some of the positions may require a background investigation. The background investigation requires you to provide information regarding your personal history including: legal issues - arrests and/or convictions; personal information - relatives, references, and acquaintances; education; experience and employment; residences; financial status; military service, and vehicle operation history.