Request for Clarification Responses

23-19-J 23-20-J 23-21-J 23-22-J Class A General Engineering Job Order Contract

Supplemental Information - Not Part of the Contract Documents

The following list is comprised of paraphrased Requests for Clarification (RFC) submitted by potential bidders or sub-bidders in writing via email, letter, and this form:

23-19-J 23-20-J 23-21-J 23-22-J Request for Clarification Form

These paraphrased questions and associated responses are not part of the contract documents and shall have no bearing whatsoever on the interpretation of the Manual. Nor shall they have any bearing whatsoever on the interpretation of other publications referenced therein.

Last Updated: 12/14/2023 1:00 pm



Will there be another Prebid meeting available? (RFC 23B-1 submitted 11/29/2023)

The County will be not be conducting any additional pre-bid meetings. Response date: 12/07/2023


Do we formulate our bid based on the CTC costs of every single task? Would our accounting/billing need to be broken down for every task in this manner? (RFC 23A-1 submitted 11/29/2023)

Contractors should formulate adjustment factors to the CTC based on each firm’s indirect cost and profit; which may result in an adjustment factor above or below 1. Each task has been priced based on local labor, materials, and labor costs, but your firm must determine what “adjustment” you want to bid. When billing on a project, contractors will bill for each approved task multiplied by the adjustment factor submitted with the bid. Response date: 12/11/2023


Please provide examples of projects that may be performed under JOC A and JOC B contracts (RFC 23A-2 submitted 11/29/2023)

Past projects for JOC A have included concrete, curb, and gutter improvements, and emergency repairs to Italian Bar Road during the Creek Fire, and to Auberry Road and the Dinkey Creek culvert during the 2023 storms, emergency bridge repairs at Millerton Road (due to load posting), and paving/road reconstruction, such as to Daniels Avenue in Tranquillity. Past projects for JOC B have included minor buildings renovations and repairs and upgrades to existing County facilities, such as improvements to the jail exercise yard and renovations to the Recorder’s Office and the Mercer Building TB Clinic. Response date: 12/11/2023


Agreement, Article XII states a performance bond in an amount equal to $2,000,000. The Notice to bidders, C states Payment and Performance bond in the amount of $1,000,000 each. Please advise with correct amount. (RFC 23A-3 submitted 12/7/2023)

See Addendum #1. Response date: 12/07/2023


Will submission of a scanned copy of our bid bond be acceptable or do we have to mail the original prior to bid opening? (RFC 23A-4 submitted 12/7/2023)

An electronic bid bond is not a scanned copy of an original bid bond. A scan of a bid bond has been waived as immaterial before, but this has also been a source of bid protest for a number of past projects. You should either use an electronic bid bond through one of the two electronic surety agencies or ensure an original hard copy original bid bond has been received at our office prior to the bid opening. Response date: 12/07/2023


Will sports courts or running track surfacing be part of the work for the job order contract? (RFC 23A-6 submitted 12/7/2023)

A list of work for the new job order contracts is not available but a list of typical work for these contracts in the past has been provided under RFC# 23A-2. Response date: 12/14/2023

Can you send me a copy of the pre-bid attendee listing? (RFC 23A-7 submitted 12/7/2023)

The pre-bid attendees are listed on the project website. Response date: 12/14/2023