Request for Clarification Responses

Reedley Library PWP23-035

The following list is comprised of paraphrased Requests for Clarification (RFC) submitted in writing using this form:
RFP PWP23-035 Requests for Clarification

These paraphrased questions and associated responses are not part of the contract documents and are provided as supplemental information. Questions without answers may be posted here to indicate that we have received them before the deadline and we intend to respond. 

Last updated: 06/19/2023


Is there additional funds available for this project? $494/SF is light on public works design build project. There are many variables on design builds but cost per square foot is currently $700-$1,000/SF for public works design build projects. (RFC 53317 submitted 5/24/2023)

No additional funds. Response date: 06/06/2023

The RFQ lists the Design-Build Stipulated this as $6,915,000. Is this value inclusive of the architectural and engineering fees, as well as the hard cost to construct?

Design costs are included within the $6,915,000 budget. Response date: 06/19/2023

Is the Design-Build Stipulated Sum of $6,915,000 inclusive of the county fees and other municipal fees due for the project?

No, all fees associated with the design and construction of the Library will be reimbursed by the County. Response date: 06/19/2023

RFQ indicates the required GL Limits are: $5,000,000 per occurrence / $5,000,000 aggregate RFI – Can the required GL limits be satisfied by an excess or umbrella liability policy which includes all coverage required of the GL policy?

Yes, the limits can be satisfied with an umbrella policy. Response date: 6/19/2023

Does a project used as Reference Comparison Project have to be a standalone library, or can it be part of a larger project such as a school?

The Reference Comparison Project may be part of a larger project. Response date: 6/19/2023

When the RFP is issued, if the project cost is in excess of $6,915,000, will the proposer be disqualified?

When the RFP is issued to the top three Candidates the County's expectation is the Candidates will propose a design that will meet the County's needs within the budget provided. Response date: 6/19/2023