Request for Clarification Responses

Clovis Regional and Reedley Libraries PWP24-015

The following list is comprised of paraphrased Requests for Clarification (RFC) submitted in writing using this form:

PWP24-015 Requests for Clarification

These paraphrased questions and associated responses are not part of the contract documents and are provided as supplemental information. Questions without answers may be posted here to indicate that we have received them before the deadline and we intend to respond. 

Last updated: May 14, 2024, 2:00 PM Pacific


Please provide the Counties budget for this project or estimated value. We need to ensure our bonding capacity is sufficient for this project and it was not listed in the RFQ or on the website. (RFC 1 submitted 4/22/2024)

The estimated value for both projects combined is $32,000,000 - $36,000,000. Response date: 05/01/2024

Would the County consider accepting prior experience between the general contractor and the architect on design-bid-build projects as acceptable background experience for the design-build entity? (RFC 2 submitted 4/23/2024)

Yes, there will be consideration for prior experience between the General Contractor and the Architect, with more points for design-build project experience than other types of experience. Response date: 05/01/2024

Is one project for both the Contractor and Architect/ Engineer required to be a library? Question #115 of online prequalification questionnaire, "At least one (1) project for both the Contractor and Architect/Engineer Member must be a Reference Comparison type project constructed in California." (RFC 4 submitted 4/25/2024)

The “Reference Comparison Projects” listed in the RFQ under “Project Information” is not limited to libraries. Youth or adult education facilities are also acceptable. Response date: 05/01/2024

When will the County respond to RFI's? (RFC 5 submitted 5/1/2024)

Responses to RFQ Requests for Clarification will be posted as they become available on this website. We intend to post responses to all questions by the end of day on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Response date: 05/06/2024 

Are we required to list our entire design team beyond the Architect at this time. This would include but not be limited to interior design, civil, landscape, structural, M, P & E consultants? (RFC 6 submitted 5/1/2024)

No, for the RFQ Prequalification Questionnaires you are not required to list your entire design team; you are only required to list the prime Architect or Engineer of your Design-Build Entity or joint venture. Response date: 05/06/2024

Will the county consider extending the time to respond during the RFP portion of the project.? There is a lot of work which needs to take place during the RFP period. This work includes designing two facilities, confidential conferences, DB consultant selection, estimating and bidding, etc. (RFC 7 submitted 5/1/2024)

The County would consider the requests of the majority of the shortlisted firms to adjust the schedule, however the Site and Building Schematic Designs are complete as is the Site Plan Review for each library. The RFP packages will also include site survey, soils reports and additional technical information relating to each library. Response date: 05/06/2024 Draft response was accidently posted before going through approvals.

The County is not planning to extend the RFP response portion of the schedule. The Site and Building Schematic Designs are complete as is the Site Plan Review for each library and the RFP packages will also include site survey, soils reports and additional technical information relating to each library. Response date: 05/14/2024

Page 18 of the RFQ states “The Design-Build Entity should not fill in the answers for the questions of Part IV.” (There’s a similar statement on page 18 regarding Part V, which makes sense.) Please confirm we are to complete questions 111 through 115 on the questionnaire. (RFC 8 submitted 5/6/2024)

Yes, complete questions 111 through 115 of the Prequalification Questionnaire in Bid Express. The questions (#1-5) listed in the RFQ under the heading “Completed Project Questions Evaluation (Part IV)” are for informational purposes to the Design-Build Entity and will be used by the County to evaluate the responses the Design-Build Entity provides to the Prequalification Questionnaire Part IV questions. The Design-Build Entity should provide responses to questions 111 through 115 listed in the Prequalification Questionnaire “Part IV Recent Construction Projects Completed” on Bid Express, but should not provide responses to questions 1 through 5 listed under “Completed Project Questions Evaluation (Part IV)” on page 18 in the RFQ. Response date: 05/08/2024.

Refer to Addendum 1. Response updated: 05/10/2024

Referencing RFQ pages 16 and 18, do you expect a project to be submitted twice in Part IV if both participants worked on it? Or should such a project be submitted once, but contribute to the scoring of item 5? (RFC 9 submitted 5/6/2024)

Each Design-Build Entity is encouraged to provide 3 projects, each project listed twice: once under the contractor and again under the architect/engineer. If the contractor member and the architect/engineer member have not completed three projects together, they must provide up to 3 each. Use each number only once and ensure the reference contact information is current.

Example 1 – A Design-Build Entity has performed 3 library projects (A, B, C):
Contractor Project #1 – Library A
Contractor Project #2 – Library B
Contractor Project #3 – Library C
Architect/Engineer Project #1 – Library A
Architect/Engineer Project #2 – Library B
Architect/Engineer Project #3 – Library C

Example 2 – A Design-Build Entity has performed one youth education facility together as a team (Youth Building A) and other separate projects (B, C, D & E):
Contractor Project #1 – Youth Building A
Contractor Project #2 – Project B
Contractor Project #3 – Project C
Architect/Engineer Project #1 – Youth Building A
Architect/Engineer Project #2 – Project D
Architect/Engineer Project #3 – Project E

Response date: 05/08/2024

If the Architect/Engineer participant includes a key consultant, may a project submitted in Part IV be of that key consultant’s work history? (RFC 10 submitted 5/6/2024)

Yes, an example of when a project of a key consultant's work history may be submitted in Part IV is when the Design-Build Entity is comprised of a contractor member and an engineer member with an architect as a key consultant. Response date: 05/09/2024

As it’s common for the Contractor to be the Design-Build Entity’s contractual representative with the Owner, please confirm the legal structure of the Design-Build Entity may be a contractual relationship between the Contractor and Architect. (RFC 11 submitted 5/6/2024)

Yes, the County will accept a variety of legal structures. If the Design-Build Entity is Contractor-led, the Contractor might have an in-house Architect, the Architect could be a subcontractor, or the Architect could be a secondary partner in a Joint Venture, or some other configuration. If the Design-Build Entity is a contractual relationship between the Contractor and Architect, you should explain the legal structure of your association under question #6 “Other Association (specify),” follow the directions for “Joint Venture” where appropriate (as opposed to the options consisting of one firm/organization such as Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or LLC), and provide responses to #7-21 for each party or member comprising the Design-Build Entity. Response date: 05/14/2024

When the Contractor and Architect/Engineer are the two primary parties of the Design Build Entity, how should a team respond to Subparts A of Parts I and III (which imply the Design Build Entity is a third team member), and how will the scoring of those Subparts apply? (RFC 12 submitted 5/6/2024)

This has been clarified in Addendum 1. Response date: 05/10/2024

How are we expected to submit the RFQ? When on the Bid Express website, it will not allow me to type in any of the responses, nor attach a document. (RFC 13 submitted 5/7/2024)

The two most common scenarios that can lead to read-only access to the questionnaire include:

1) The solicitation might not have been selected for response. To remedy this, click on “Respond” on the right of the “General Info” heading of the solicitation.
2) Your specific role in your organization might have been set to “Executive Manager.” Someone in your organization would need to change your role to “Bidder” or “Manager” under My Profile -> User Information. Here is a link to more information about the roles under “My Profiles” in Bid Express:

If neither of these two potential solutions resolve the issue, please reach out to the “Bid Express at support team”:

Response date: 05/09/2024

Question # 52 Other Work Currently Under Contract: How many projects (include sq ft) are currently awarded to you? The area does not allow for number of projects and the square footage of projects. It will only accept 1 number and not free form fillable. How should we proceed? (RFC 14 submitted 5/8/2024)

This has been corrected in Addendum 1. Response date: 05/10/2024

The price listed in the previous RFC’s says $32,000,000.00 to $36,000,000.00. What is the estimated budget per library? (RFC 15 submitted 5/9/2024)

Clovis Regional Library - $22,000,000.00 to $24,000,000.00

Reedley Library - $10,000,000.00 to $12,000,000.00

Response date: 05/09/2024

Does the relevant project experience have to be a project completed within the last 5 years or could it be a project that is currently under construction? (RFC 16 submitted 5/9/2024)

The projects listed for question #115 demonstrating relevant project experience in the past 5 years must be completed projects only. Response date: 05/09/2024