West Park Pedestrian Pathway

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West Park Elementary School District is a rural historic elementary school district established in 1885 that primarily serves farmworker families.  The campus is located in the center of a twenty-five square-mile district serving over 400 k-12 students and 40 preschoolers. 

The project will develop a 4-foot wide asphalt concrete walking and biking path between the community of West Park and the elementary school. The pathway will be located on Grove Avenue from Prospect Ave to Valentine Ave, and on Valentine Ave from Grove Ave down to the school limits. Warning signs pavement markings will be included along the path. The path will provide a safe active transportation route; benefits will include decreased risk of traffic-related injuries, increased active transportation usage, reduction in GHG emissions through reduced reliance on motorized vehicles, and increased sense of place for the community.   

The project is mostly complete with a current cost of $553,000.