23-02-C County Service Area 31 Shaver Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant


No bids were received for this project.

Everyone who expressed interest in this project is available on the Planholders List(PDF, 262KB).


The work to be done consists, in general, of pumping, hauling and properly disposing approximately 800,000 gallons of sludge and scarifying and hauling and properly disposing approximately 700 tons of soil from the bottom of the existing aeration sewer treatment pond.

The engineer's estimate range is $705,000 to $779,000.

Location Map(PNG, 4MB)

Shaver Lake Sludge Location Map

Specifications and Plans

Notice to Bidders(PDF, 130KB) posted 5/02/2023

Specifications(PDF, 4MB)  (4 MB) posted 5/08/2023

Addendum 1(PDF, 295KB) posted 5/26/2023

Supplemental Information

Wastewater Treatment Plant Repair Plans(PDF, 5MB)  (5 MB) posted 5/08/2023

BOD and TSS Reports(PDF, 1MB) (1 MB) posted 5/08/2023

Requests for Clarification Responses updated 5/02/2023

Pre-bid Conference

County staff was available to discuss this project:

May 16, 2023 at 10:00 am Pacific at 

Pre-Bid Conference Agenda(PDF, 639KB)

Pre-Bid Conference Attendance(PDF, 21KB)

Pre-Bid Conference Minutes(PDF, 157KB)