March 5, 2024 Consolidated Presidential Primary Election

Voting at home is a safe, secure way for voters to cast their ballots in the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election. Voters will receive their ballot in the mail, and they can return it in the envelope provided to an accessible ballot drop box. Ballot drop boxes are being installed for the convenience of voters. Voters may also return their ballots by mail in the postage paid envelope. There will be in-person Vote Centers open for voters who need assistance, want to vote on an accessible tablet, need to obtain a replacement ballot, need language assistance, need to register and vote in person, or any other reason.

 March 5, 2024 Consolidated Primary Election Results

Notice of Recount for City of Orange Cove Measure O(PDF, 158KB) | Español(PDF, 156KB)

City of Orange Cove Measure O Recount Manual Tally Results(PDF, 101KB)


To your accessible Fresno County Voter Information Guide, please click here.


Important Dates

  • September 14, 2023 to November 8, 2023: Signatures-in-Lieu of filing fee
  • September 29, 2023 to December 8, 2023: Central Committees Candidate Filing
  • October 30, 2023 to November 8, 2023: Declaration of Intention (Judicial Candidates)
  • November 9, 2023 to November 13, 2023: Declaration of Intention Extension Period (Judicial Candidates) if incumbent does not file
  • November 13, 2023 to December 8, 2023: Candidate filing period
  • December 9, 2023 to December 13, 2023: Extension of candidate filing period if Incumbent does not file
  • January 8, 2024 to February 20, 2024: Statement of write-in candidacy period
  • January 5, 2024 to January 20, 2024: Issue ballots to military and oversees voters
  • February 5, 2024 to February 27, 2024: Vote-by-Mail ballots in the mail
  • February 6, 2024: Ballot drop boxes open
  • February 19, 2024: Last day to register for this election
  • February 20, 2024: to March 5, 2024: Conditional Voter Registration period
  • February 24, 2024: Eleven-day Vote Centers open
  • February 27, 2024: Last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot
  • March 2, 2024: 4-day Vote Centers open
  • March 5, 2024: Election Day (7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
  • March 12, 2024: Last day to receive vote-by-mail ballot postmarked no later than March 5, 2024



Important Information

Notice of Recount for City of Orange Cove Measure O(PDF, 158KB)Español(PDF, 156KB)

(PDF, 161KB)Notice of Close of Election Activities(PDF, 161KB) | Español(PDF, 159KB)

Emergency Vote Center Change in Huron(PDF, 164KB) | Español(PDF, 132KB)

USPS Ballot Transfer Log - Bilingual

Signature Cure Letter Forms

Proclamation and Writ of Election(PDF, 425KB)

Notice by Secretary of State of Offices for Which Candidates are to be Nominated at the Presidential Primary Election(PDF, 379KB) (Español)(PDF, 61KB)

Fact Sheet(PDF, 506KB) (Español(PDF, 365KB))


Candidate Guide

Complete Candidate List

Candidate Contact Information

Contest on Ballot with Qualified Candidates

Contest not on Ballot

Offices Up For Extension

Write In Candidates

Certified List of Write-In Candidates(PDF, 245KB)

Offices up for Election(PDF, 99KB)

Signatures-In-Lieu Application(PDF, 877KB)

Candidate Application(PDF, 869KB)

Candidate Letter of Authorization(PDF, 185KB)

Candidate Statement of Qualifications Form(PDF, 274KB)

Random Alpha Drawing Notice(PDF, 154KB) | Spanish(PDF, 154KB)

Fresno County Measure Lettering - March 2024(PDF, 151KB) | Spanish(PDF, 150KB)

Randomized Alphabet Drawing from Fresno County(PDF, 70KB) | Spanish(PDF, 73KB)

Notice of Election Activities(PDF, 150KB) | Spanish(PDF, 148KB)

Notice of 1% Manual Tally Activities(PDF, 173KB) | Spanish(PDF, 171KB)

Notice To Count Ballots at Central Location(PDF, 829KB) | Spanish(PDF, 53KB)

Voting Precinct to Registration Precinct Cross Reference Report(PDF, 129KB)

Secretary of State Notice of Errata Regarding Ballot Designation

Replacement Ballot Application(PDF, 93KB)

Solicitud de Boleta Electoral de Reemplazo de California(PDF, 113KB)

Application to Provide Vote-By-Mail Ballot to Representative(PDF, 765KB)

Solicitud para Proporcionar la Boleta Electoral de Votación por Correo al Representante(PDF, 110KB)

March 5, 2024, Election Worker Handbook(PDF, 7MB)

2024 Presidential Primary Elections PSA YouTube Video | Spanish

Zero Report for March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election(PDF, 247KB)

No Party Preference Voters(PDF, 398KB) | Votantes Sin Preferencia de Partido(PDF, 75KB)



E. Fresno County – California State University, Fresno – Transactions and Use Tax
B. County of Fresno Charter Amendment - Section 12

A. County of Fresno Charter Amendment - Section 15

O. City of Orange Cove - Police and Fire Special Tax Measure
G. Fresno County – Fowler Unified School District Bond Measure