23-27-C Biola Community Sidewalk Improvements


The anticipated award date for this project is May 7, 2024.

A bid opening for this project was held on March 21, 2024 on Zoom.

Bid Summary(PDF, 193KB)

Everyone who expressed interest in this project is available on the Planholders List(PDF, 86KB).


The work to be done consists, in general, of installing 5-foot wide sidewalks, curb ramps, approximately 2,000 linear feet of curbs and gutters, and a storm drainage system. The project work also includes reconstruction and widening of the east side of North Biola Avenue, shoulder widening on the west side of North Biola Avenue, between E Street and D Street, and a section on the north side of West C Street up to the storm drain inlet near North 7th Ave. Grinding and overlaying, or slurry sealing, is to be done on the west side of North Biola Avenue and a section of the south side of West C Street. The work also includes signage and striping throughout the work limits, relocating 2 fire hydrants, and adjusting water valve lids, storm drains, and sewer manhole lids to grade. Additive items include installing electrical conduits, conductors, decorative street lights and other appurtenant work to provide fully functioning street lights along North Biola Ave. 

State Project Number: ATPL-5942(303)

The engineer's estimate range is $1,800,000 to $2,000,000.

Location Map(PDF, 2MB)


Specifications and Plans

Notice to Bidders(PDF, 140KB) posted 2/13/2024

Specifications(PDF, 7MB) (8 MB) posted 2/21/2024

Plans(PDF, 23MB) (30 MB) posted 2/21/2024

Supplemental Information

Requests for Clarification Responses updated 3/15/2024

Pothole Reports(PDF, 19MB) (19 MB) posted 2/21/2024

Cross Sections(PDF, 5MB) (6 MB) posted 2/21/2024

Storm Drainage Plan Sheets(PDF, 618KB) posted 3/5/2024