Skaggs Bridge Park


**Skaggs Bridge Park is now OPEN for the Season**

County of Fresno wishes to remind residents and park patrons that swimming in the river is not recommended while water releases are occurring. The water flows are much higher and result in faster currents. Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Skaggs Bridge Park is located on the San Joaquin River near Highway 145. The park is 17 acres with turf and trees, a playground and a restroom. There are picnic tables and BBQs and the park is also used for swimming.

Park Hours

Open Easter Sunday- September 30th from 7 AM to 10 PM
Oct. 1 to the day before Easter

Vehicle Entrance Fees

Entrance fees at all developed Parks is $5 per vehicle

Annual passes are available for $40 per year and can be purchased at Fresno County Resources Division: 2220 Tulare Street, 6th Floor, Fresno, CA 93721. Telephone (559) 600-3004

Rules, Regulations and Permits

Information on bounce houses and pets.
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Skaggs Bridge Park is located on the San Joaquin River west of the Highway 145 (Madera Ave.) near Avenue 5 1/2. From downtown Fresno drive west of Fresno Street one mile to Kearney Boulevard. Turn right on Kearney Boulevard and drive 14 miles to Highway 145 (Madera Avenue). Turn right and drive 6 miles to Barstow Avenue. Turn left on Barstow, turn right on Old Madera Road, the follow the road into the park.


5901 N. Madera Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630


Skaggs Bridge Steamboat
Image courtesy of The Fresno Bee.



Once a stopping point for passengers and goods bound for Stockton and Sacramento, Skaggs Bridge was one of two of the furthest points up the San Joaquin River that a steam paddleboat could navigate. The bridge was built to allow farmers to move goods between Kerman and Madera.  This bridge would eventually become Highway 145 and be replaced with a improved bridge span. Skaggs was a family farm that grew grain near the site of today's park.  A popular location for Fresno families to go on a hot summer's day, Skaggs Bridge Park was acquired and created by the County of Fresno  in 1974.

Mailing Address:

County of Fresno Resources Division
2220 Tulare Street, 6th Floor, Fresno, CA 93721
Tel: (559) 600-3004
(559) 600-4552