Recycling Market Development Zone

RMDZ sign  

What is RMDZ?

RMDZ stands for Recycling Market Development Zone which is an incentive opportunity for businesses looking to expand or move into Fresno County.  The program is simple, we work with you to develop a location and plan in which you as a business can manufacture products or raw materials from recycled content such as paper, plastic, metal, or fabrics. Through the State of California we can provide grants or low-cost loans up to $10 million for the purchase of equipment to process the recycling into raw materials or into manufacture recycled content products. 

Why is this important?

With increased efforts to recycle materials in an effort to conserve natural resources, the State of California and the County of Fresno are working together to provide incentives for businesses. There are multiple opportunities available to produce raw material from recycling or to create an item from recycled content. Businesses throughout Fresno County work to create feedstock materials for the recycling market from simple sorting and bailing to the production of recycled content products for customers and consumers.  

Is this mandated? Do I have to make products out of recycled content?

This is not a mandated law. This is a loan program for businesses that wish to make items from recycled materials. This program allows for businesses that decide to begin processing or building with recycled materials to acquire loans to offset the cost of equipment purchases or upgrades. This program may not be suited for everyone and their needs. We understand that this may not be applicable in all aspects of manufacturing however we encourage you to review if this can be complimentary to your manufacturing systems or products. 

What are some items reused through recycling?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycled products. Each material that can be recycled is unique in its properties and can easily be reintegrated into new production and product as a percentage of the material used or full recycled content. This includes the more common materials such as yard waste, paper, tires, plastics, steel, aluminum, and other metals to the more uncommon items such as clothing/fabrics, food waste, paint, concrete, and more. The materials, in quantities of scale, will allow for a manufacturer to offset costs of raw materials. For example, the use of recycled aluminum takes less than 10% of the material and labor costs than using raw bauxite. Recycled plastic pellets can reduce costs by up to 67%! The key to recycling is rethinking what we use and how we use it.