Juvenile Supervision

Juvenile Courthouse

Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC)
3333 E. American Ave. Building 701 Suite B
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Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M
(559) 600-4700

Juvenile Supervision

Deputy Probation Officers in this unit supervise youth on probation to ensure accountability and compliance with Juvenile Court orders, conditions of formal probation or informal probation sanctions. Supervision of youth consists of but is not limited to, monthly compliance monitoring and searches, random drug testing, referrals to mental health or substance abuse counseling, and community service. The primary goal of supervision is protection of the community through intervention, based on the youth’s risk factors.  Supervision of youth incorporates both community and office contacts, using Evidence-based Practices (EBP). Evidence-based assessments are administered to determine the interventions needed for each specific youth. Officers are trained to use Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) and the Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) to assess a youth’s risk to reoffend. Youth at higher risk can be referred to Thinking for a Change (T4C), a cognitive behavioral change program.   Youth supervised by officers in this unit typically reside outside Fresno City limits or attend a non-traditional school.

Officers also supervise youth who are in the Day Reporting Center (D.R.C.), Family Behavioral Health Court (FBHC) or are identified human trafficking victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and who score a possible or clear concern using the Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Identification Tool (CSE-IT).

Campus Supervision Unit

Deputy Probation Officers (DPO) assigned to a high school campus provide a unique opportunity to affect and influence youth on probation by role modeling, promoting pro-social skills and positive pro-active relationships to ensure compliance with their court orders using Evidence-based Practices such as; the Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) to assess a youth’s risk to reoffend, Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS), and Thinking for a Change (T4C), a cognitive behavior therapy curriculum. Working collaboratively with school officials they provide a safe and secure learning environment for all youth.

Much of the daily duties of an officer is spent assisting school staff with non-probation youth supervising school related activities and functions. Officers participate in Back to School nights by being available to families for any questions, supervising and interacting with youth during breaks and lunch hours, as well as providing additional supervision at sporting events, graduations and Senior Night. Further, they participate in Career Days and provide education to families regarding gangs and drug use.  The impact an officer can have on a youth can be summed up by a parent who reached out to the supervising DPO and thanked her for all of her work and to say that if it wasn’t for her, the youth probably wouldn’t have graduated. 

Officers are contracted to provide services at designated high schools within Fresno Unified School District (Bullard, Duncan, Edison, Hoover, McLane, Roosevelt, Sunnyside and Phoenix Secondary Academy), Kings Canyon Unified School District (Reedley and Orange Cove) and Sanger Unified School District (Sanger High School).     

The goals of the unit are accomplished through a cooperative effort involving Probation Officers, Student Resource Officers, school staff, and community-based agencies, to supervise youth on probation. Further, the program is actively involved in developing and operating intervention and/or diversion programs. These programs include; Informal Probation, Deferred Entry of Judgement, Youth Court, Community Justice Conference, and Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, which are designed to improve behavior in the community, home, and school and to deter further entry of youth into the Juvenile Justice System.

These officers also visit elementary school sites in order to promote youth development by introducing age appropriate prevention and intervention programs, as well as being a positive role model for these youth.  Officers also participate and read age appropriate books to elementary students during Read Across America week.

Additional officers are contracted with the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools to provide services for the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) for non-probation youth. TIP officers are assigned to the east and west Fresno county school districts of Kerman, Golden Plains, Firebaugh, Mendota, Laton, Washington Union, Caruthers, Washington Colony and the Violet Heinz Education Academy school site working closely with Child Welfare Attendance staff their goal is to reduce truancy, improve student attendance and actively participate in Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) hearings.

Depending upon the specific case for each youth who was under informal or formal probation supervision, once they satisfactorily fulfill their obligations to the Court and/or complete their term on probation, they are eligible to have their record sealed pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) sections 781, 786 or 793(c). 



If my son/daughter changes high schools will he or she still have the same Probation Officer?

No, each high school is assigned a Probation Officer and probationers will be assigned a Probation Officer according to the high school they are attending.

Does the Probation Department offer any type of “Scared Straight” type programs?

Unfortunately, the Probation Department does not offer any type of “Scared Straight” program and due to confidentially issues it does not allow juveniles to tour the Juvenile Justice Campus

Does my record automatically get sealed when I turn 18?

No. You will have to initiate this process by filling out an application at 3333 E. American Ave. Building 701 Suite B to make an appointment to meet with a Deputy Probation Officer. The officer will make a recommendation to the Court; however, the Court has the final decision whether or not to seal your record. In specific cases, the Court can not seal your juvenile record.

If I am on probation will the probation officer conduct home visits or search my residence?

Yes. If a minor is placed on a Formal Grant of probation than he or she is ordered to submit their person or property to search and seizure at any time by Probation or peace officer with or without a warrant.

If my child is placed on Formal Probation and turns 18 yrs old, does his probation automatically terminate?

No. In most cases, the term for a Formal Grant of probation is one year, however the Court has the ability to keep your child on probation until the age of 21 or until Further Order of the Court.


Can my child complete community services hours instead of the Court ordered Community Service Work Program?

No. The matter needs to be presented to the Court for a Modification of Probation at which time the Court may modify the order for your child to complete community service hours instead of the Community Service Work Program.

Will my child be drug tested while on probation?

Yes, while on probation the minor is subject to random drug testing by the Probation Officer if ordered by the Court.

When on the Electronic Monitoring Program, why do I need to remove all the upgrade features from the telephone line?

Without any additional features on the telephone line the Electronic Monitor can easily communicate with the Electronic Monitoring Center without any interruptions.


While on the Electronic Monitoring Program, can I be out in the front yard of my house?

No, while on the Electronic Monitoring Program you are placed on house arrest. You are to remain inside the residence at all times unless approved by the Probation Officer.

When I am on the Electronic Monitor can I go with my parents when they go somewhere?

No, you can’t automatically leave. You need permission from EM staff (for Pre-EM) or your supervising probation officer.


How long will I be on house arrest?

If placed on Pre-EM then it is until further notice of the Court. If placed on Post-EM it will the number of days ordered by the Court.


Can I leave my son/daughter at home while I’m out taking care of personal business?

You can leave your residence at anytime as long as your son/daughter is being supervised by a responsible adult.

Can I attend independent studies rather than a mainstream school?

No, you must attend an every day mainstream school program unless there are circumstances that do not allow the you to attend a mainstream school.


Can I get off of probation early?

No, unless the Court sets a review date for a possible dismissal or sets a motion hearing for dismissal of the petition.

Why are there Probation Officers on the school campus?

To supervise the minors on probation attending mainstream schools in partnership with the Fresno Police Department’s School Resource Officers. The probation officers also assist the School Resource Officers when responding to incidents that occur on the school campus or the perimeter.