Probation Administration

Office of the Chief

Kirk Haynes Kirk Haynes
Chief Probation Officer

Administration Assistant
(559) 600-1294

Chief Kirk Haynes, a 29-year veteran of the Fresno County Probation department, started his career in 1994 as a Job Specialist in the Probation Education and Employment Program (PEEP) unit. Prior to joining the department, he worked as an Eligibility Worker with Fresno County’s Department of Social Services. Kirk is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

In November 1996, Chief Haynes was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) I worked multiple assignments in the Adult and Juvenile Divisions, including positions at the Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP), and Fresno / Edison High School campuses. As DPO IV he was selected as the lead officer of the Drug Suppression Unit (DSU) where Proposition 36 offenders were supervised.

As a Probation Services Manager he supervised the Adult Drug Suppression Unit and the Adult Field Special Services unit. He led the department’s efforts in the design and implementation of the Community Corrections Performance Incentive Act of 2009 (SB 678).

A primary tenet of SB 678 was the introduction of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP). He quickly became the department’s leader in EBP and has spent countless hours training staff and representing the department’s goals and strategies to the Courts, and other justice and community-based agencies. Under his leadership, several evidence-based programs and practices were implemented.

With the advent of AB 109 realignment, Chief Haynes was instrumental in responding and initially coordinating for the department, the many processes and practices related to this historic legislation.

Chief Haynes consistently promotes a positive personal, professional and managerial image. He is a strong advocate for developing staff’s ability to provide effective supervision through identifying the individual risks and needs of those we supervise in the community. Chief Haynes is committed to deploying innovative interventions with good research support that encourage positive quantifiable outcomes. He encourages a continual reexamination of our department’s service delivery which is fundamental to sound evidence-based practice development.

Juvenile Services Division

Rosalinda Acosta Rosalinda Acosta
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-4760

Director Rosalinda Acosta is a 28-year veteran of the Fresno County Probation Department.

Starting as a Fresno State criminology student intern to a Deputy Probation Officer, Director Acosta completed assignments in several divisions of the department. She promoted to Probation Services Manager in the Campus Supervision Unit overseeing the expansion of the unit to cover elementary schools and additional school districts. Director Acosta also served as Interim Director of the Elkhorn Correctional Facility. During this time, she played an instrumental role in leading the transition teams when the Juvenile Hall population moved from an antiquated facility to the present day Juvenile Justice Campus. She also managed several units in the Adult Division before promoting to Director. As Director she was responsible for the daily oversight and operation of the Juvenile Justice Campus Commitment Facility. During her tenure, she along with the JJC administrative team worked to not only maintain the daily operation of the facility in an efficient and proficient manner, but also worked towards developing and implementing new programming at the facility. This included PbS (Performance Based Standards) and the initiation of an aftercare transition program to assist youth coming out of the facility to have better opportunities and outcomes upon their release back into the community. She followed her work as Director of the Commitment Facility to the assignment of Administrative Services Director, overseeing the department personnel and training, where she was responsible for the department’s adherence to policy and procedures in all department areas, along with ensuring department wide compliance with mandated standards.

Throughout her assignments, Director Acosta’s philosophy and goals have been to use her expertise to enhance program operations in all areas of probation services, and to continuously promote the vision and mission of the Chief Probation Officer and the Department. In addition, she is a strong supporter of hands-on mentoring of staff and students by providing them with the tools to be successful in the field of community corrections; utilizing the latest practices that support the rehabilitation and reintegration of the clients’ we serve, back into their communities. 

Adult Services Division

Joy Thompson Joy Thompson
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-1233

Joy Thompson serves as the Deputy Chief Probation Officer of the Adult Probation Services Division. She has over 30 years’ experience in corrections. She began her career with the Fresno County Probation Department as a Job Specialist and soon promoted to Deputy Probation Officer working in various capacities in the Adult and Juvenile Divisions. As Probation Services Manager (now titled Assistant Deputy Chief), she was instrumental in the design and implementation of several programs. They include the Department’s Child Abuse Review Team which she co-chaired for 12 years; the Behavioral Health Court; the Supervised Honor Release Program; Proposition 36 and, for five years, served as the Targeted Case Management Coordinator.

Throughout her career and educational experience, she has gained expertise in the areas of human resource management, crime victim advocacy, child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and the supervision of sex offenders. Deputy Chief Thompson’s past honors include Central Region Employee of the Year (awarded by the Chief Probation Officers of California). She is a long-time resident of Fresno County whose experience in the public and private sector has helped formulate her philosophy of utilizing proven approaches to public safety. She promotes a positive personal, professional and organizational image who strongly believes in staff development and communication at all levels in order to build coalitions to solve problems.

Ms. Thompson’s breadth of executive experience includes serving as Deputy Chief of the Personnel Development & Research Division; Adult Probation Services; Juvenile Probation Services; and, the Juvenile Justice Campus Detention (Institution) Divisions. The Public Safety Realignment Act in 2011 (AB 109) brought about many changes including the transfer of supervision of designated offenders from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to Probation. Her leadership in implementing this historic legislation proved key. As a dynamic leader who focuses on collaboration and partnering with other agencies, she is committed to public safety and reducing recidivism through the use of evidence-based practices.

Training Division

Cliff Downing Cliff Downing
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-7669

Cliff Downing is a 30 year plus veteran of the Fresno County Probation Department. His current responsibilities include oversight of all Departmental Training, Evidence Based practices and the development and implementation of all Departmental policies and procedures. After graduating from Fresno Pacific University, he worked as a Group Counselor in the Juvenile Institution and a Deputy Probation Officer serving in many capacities within the Adult Division. After promotion to Probation Services Manager, his responsibilities included a wide array of positions at the Elkhorn Correctional Facility, Juvenile Placement and Behavioral Health Court, departmental training manager, as well as the Juvenile Justice Campus Commitment Facility. As a Probation Services Manager, Deputy Chief Downing was instrumental in the development and implementation of the department’s Annual Training Plan and Performance based Standards.

In August of 2014, after serving 10 years as a manager, Cliff was promoted to a Deputy Chief and was responsible for the Juvenile Services Division and was re-assigned to the Adult Services Division in July of 2017, in February of 2022 he was given a special assignment to oversee and implement all Departmental policies and procedures, and in September of 2023 he was re-assigned to the newly established Training Division. .

Deputy Chief Downing was instrumental in the development and implementation of the following: youth transition plans, community service work program, Use of Force audit, T4C for Juvenile Services, authored several Departmental and Juvenile Institutional policies, developed protocols and guidelines for Proposition 63, and established an MOU with FSO for Officer Involved Shootings. . In addition, Deputy Chief Downing worked on the implementation projects for AB 1950, 1869, and 1228. Deputy Chief Downing is currently the lead for the Lexipol policy implementation and development for the department.

Deputy Chief Downing’s philosophy encompasses a team approach to problem solving; by allowing people to showcase their creative talents in developing projects and in their departmental assignments. He is a strong supporter of mentoring for all departmental classifications to increase individual performance, while providing autonomy.


Automation Services

Dave Touma Dave Touma
Probation Information Technology Manager
(559) 600-4701

Dave Touma began his career with the Probation Department as a Systems Analyst Intern in 1998. He facilitated the development and design of custom reports, created an automated Juvenile Hall attendance tracking system, and designed auto fill-in fields in the various Word templates for use in the department. He helped develop new automated procedures in JAS and the Adult Probation System (APS), including the new Prop 36 system in APS, which tracks offenders for State reporting.

Starting in 2015, Dave has been leading the development efforts to upgrade both JAS and APS case management systems to one system called Probation Records and Information Management System (PRI MS). Key goals in PRI MS are to improve data entry thru the use of guided entry templates, combine data from juvenile and adult populations into single smart searches and streamline department workflows with the use of the latest web technologies. PRI MS is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

In his current position as Probation Information Technology Manager, Dave’s goal is to “go paperless.” His new role has given him a clearer view of the “big picture,” and he is excited about making processes more efficient for staff.

Dave embraces change and is always looking forward to using latest innovations. Among his assets that help make him a success is his ability to analyze business operations and make recommendations for efficiency through the use of technology.

Automation Services is the technological arm oversee development, maintaining the probation case management system PRI MS, along with department data integrations, BI dashboards, Court eFiling, and technical needs of the department.

Employee and Victim Resources Division

Vicki Noel
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-1295

Juvenile Justice Campus

David Ruiz
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-4890

Administrative Services Division

Yussel Zalapa
Deputy Chief Probation Administrative Officer
(559) 600-1294

Realignment Services Division

Lori Willits
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-1144