Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council

Senate Bill 823 closes the California Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Now, those youth will be housed and treated locally. The Juvenile Justice Coordination Council was from to oversee, create and report on a yearly plan for the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) Youthful Block Grant (YOBG) programs.

Next Meeting

Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Membership Subcommittee Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2024 @ 10:00 a.m.


Juvenile Justice Campus Courthouse, Probation Conference Room B169
3333 E. American Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725

JJCC Membership Subcommittee Meeting Agenda 5.13.24(PDF, 187KB)


Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Membership

  • Kirk Haynes – Chief Probation Officer (Chair)
  • Buddy Mendes – District 4, Board of Supervisors
  • Paul Nerland – Chief Administrative Officer
  • David Kalemkarian – Assistant Presiding Judge
  • Leanne Le Mon – Juvenile Presiding Judge
  • John Zanoni – Sheriff / Coroner
  • Lisa Smittcamp – District Attorney
  • Antoinette Taillac – Public Defender
  • Susan Holt – Interim Director, Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)
  • Sanja Bugay – Director, Department of Social Services 
  • Paco Balderrama – Chief, Fresno Police Department
  • Jim Yovino – Fresno County Superintendent of Schools (FCSS)
  • Marisa Gamboa – Executive Director, Court & Community Schools (FCSS)
  • Barbara Schulte – Chair, Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Nicole Linder - Marjaree Mason Center
  • Emilia Reyes – CEO, Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)
  • Tyrone Roderick Williams, Fresno Housing Authority Representative
  • Joanna Litchenberg – CEO, Focus Forward
  • Susan Murdock – Program Manager, Mental Health Systems
  • DJ Criner – Pastor, Saints Rest Baptist Church
  • Debra Rush – CEO, Breaking the Chains
  • Sergio Coronel, Youngsters for Change – Youth Representative
  • Ruben Espinoza, Fresno Barrios Unidos



Phased Response Plan

  • Rosalinda Acosta, Probation
  • Lt. Matt Alexander, Sheriff's Office
  • Emma Rasmussen DBH
  • Paco Balderrama, Fresno Police Chief
  • Phillip Menchaca, FCSS
  • Joanna Litchenberg, Focus Forward
  • JoAnna Edwards - Public Defender's Office
  • Barbara Schulte, Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Debra Rush, Breaking the Chains
  • Jennifer Duarte, Breaking the Chains
  • Sanja Bugay, Department of Social Services
  • Galen Rutiaga, District Attorney's Office
  • Angel Duarte, GEO Group
  • Sergio Coronel, Youth Advocate, Youngsters for Change




  • Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney
  • DJ Criner, Pastor, St. Rest
  • Kirk Haynes, Probation
  • David Kalemkarian, Superior Court
  • Emilia Reyes, EOC
  • Joanna Litchenberg, Focus Forward
  • Lori Willits, Probation




  • Yussel Zalapa, Probation
  • Buddy Mendes, District 4, BOS
  • Jo Anna Edwards, Public Defenders's Officer
  • Sanja Bugay, Department of Social Services
  • County Counsel, TBD



JJ Realignment Plan / Required in SB 823

  • Kirk Haynes, Probation Department
  • Galen Rutiaga, District Attorney’s Office
  • JoAnna Edwards, Public Defender’s Office
  • Sanja Bugay, Department of Social Services
  • Susan Holt, Department of Behavioral Health
  • Marisa Gamboa, FCSS
  • The Honorable Leanne Le Mon, Court Representative
  • Morgan Velez-Young, Brown Girl Healing
  • Maggie Navarro, City of Fresno
  • Sheri Wiedenhoefer, Community Justice Center
  • John Zweifler, Department of Public Health
  • Joanna Litchenberg, Focus Forward
  • Ruben Espinoza, Fresno Barrios Unidos
  • Angel Duarte, GEO Group
  • Christina Valdez-Roup, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Fresno (NAMI)
  • Pastor Booker Lewis, Rising Star Baptist Church
  • Dulces Gonzalez, Wellpath
  • Sergio Coronel, Youth Advocate, Youngsters for Change
  • Briana Zweifler, Youth Advocate


Agendas Minutes and Documents