Juvenile Justice Commission

Mission Statement

The Juvenile Justice Commission of Fresno County is a state mandated, court appointed citizen’s commission.

The mission of the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Commission is to inquire into the administration of the juvenile court law in this county. The Commission is designed to provide leadership for citizen action and to promote an efficient juvenile justice system operated in an environment of credibility, dignity, fairness and respect for the youth of Fresno County.

Juvenile Justice Commission Members

Commissioner Bios(DOCX, 16KB)

  • Barbara Schulte, Chairperson - Term Expires 5/21/25
  • Marilyn Watts, Vice Chairperson - Term Expires 11/16/22
  • Ed Avila - Term Expires 11/16/22
  • Ron Climer - Term Expires 3/19/25
  • Lori Curtiss - Term Expires 12/18/24
  • Sandra Hearnes - Term Expires 10/20/25
  • Terri Pieretti - Term Expires 3/19/25
  • Christina A. Valdez-Roup - Term Expires 2/16/22
  • Francisco Pelayo - Term Expires 4/18/25

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

The goal of the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Commission is to be a voice for youth and as our bylaws state,” to be a public conscience in the interest of justice for children and youth.”  The Commission ensures that Title 15 Standards for Juvenile Facilities are carried out. We also collaborate with other agencies to provide leadership in citizen action groups who are invested in our mission and goals.

Our primary work focuses on the broad inquiry into the administration of juvenile justice, including the operations of our juvenile court, social and mental health services to youth, the safety and welfare of youth in group homes, and the safety and well-being of incarcerated youth as delineated in Title 15. We hold monthly meetings where we hear reports and updates from our justice partners, agencies charged with providing youth services, and our community partners. During these meetings we receive essential information concerning the operations of our juvenile court, our juvenile justice campus, and the status of myriad services delivered to our youth, throughout Fresno County.

As Commissioners, we are actively concerned with the appropriate and adequate delivery of services for juveniles, including the adequacy of juvenile facilities. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of our group homes and every facility in Fresno County that incarcerates youth on an annual basis. We also conduct a comprehensive inspection of our Juvenile Justice Campus, on an annual basis.

To become a commissioner, one must complete an application and interview with the Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court, along with the Chairperson of the Juvenile Justice Commission. If an applicant is a viable candidate, they must pass a Live Scan and TB test. When selected, each Commissioner is sworn in by the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court, with the concurrence of the Presiding Judge of the Fresno County Superior Court, at their first official monthly meeting,

Our ultimate responsibility, in addition to those indicated above, is to bring our professional experience and point of view to the monthly Commission meeting discussions. It is expected that we participate in activities associated with the juvenile justice work in our community, which may include attending graduations at the Juvenile Justice Campus, participating in special projects to help youth and many more community endeavors

Commission Agendas & Minutes


Concerns / Questions About Group Homes should be directed to:

Lisa Slusher
Community Care Licensing
State of California, Department of Social Services
Community Care Licensing Division
Central California Children's Residential Program
770 E. Shaw Ave., Suite 330, MS 29-02
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 417-5193

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