Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club picture of Worker

This service provides pre-release and post-release services for youth at the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC) including social and life skill building, vocational and career development and psycho-educational programming. This includes character development, leadership, and recreational opportunities. A Boys & Girls Club has been established on the campus of the JJC for after-school programs and activities.

This Pilot Program also provides for critical "Post-Release" services that target re-entry services for a minimum of 20 youth who participated in the Boys & Girls Club at the JJC for transition back into the community.

During the re-entry process from JJC into the community these 20 youth will be transitioned to a designated Boys & Girls Club near their residence. They will continue their relationships with case management and supervision towards a successful transition back into the community. Each youth will receive services for a minimum of 9 months and no longer than one year. Pre-release services will be initiated a minimum of 90 days prior to discharge.

  • Thinking for a Change The "Thinking for a Change" curriculum uses, a problem-solving program enhanced by both cognitive restructuring and social skills interventions. The Thinking for a Change curriculumis provided to minors by officers within the JJC in all Pods, three times per week.

  • Faith based Services volunteers provide religious services and guidance to minors within the JJC, including special presentations.

  • Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous Provides minors with drug and alcohol counseling/assistance and provides support to minors that have with family members with a history of drug and alcohol abuse.