Specialized Programs

Small Group At JJC

Planned Parenthood-Male Involvement Program

Provides minors with educational materials and information regarding pregnancy prevention strategies, prenatal care, sexually transmitted infections, counseling and testing.


Social Work interns provide mentoring services to minors while in custody. The services provided focus on academic assistance, enrichment, recreation, counseling and civic engagement activities. Mentors meet with their assigned youth one to two times weekly in all of the commitment pods.

Art Instruction

There are various art classes being offered to minors including mural art, abstract, water colors and collage techniques.

The Beat Within

Five workshops are held in detention on Fridays to teach minors to write free verse and short essays. Minors work may be published in The Beat Within publication.

The Parenting Project

A "First 5" program working with youth and their families who have children or siblings who are 0-5 years of age. Case management for youth and their families. Incentives to participate include: referrals to job training and transitional housing, financial assistance for GEDs, scholarship recommendations, assistance in obtaining child care, etc.