Community Corrections Partnership

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As part of the Assembly Bill AB109 and AB117 known as Realignment and Senate Bill 678 created Community Corrections Partnership (CCP). CCP is comprised of local stake holders collectively meeting and strategically making decisions. 

Next Meeting

Community Corrections Partnership Meeting
Monday, June 10, 2024 @ 1:30 p.m.
Hall of Records
2281 Tulare Street, Fresno
Third Floor

CCP June 10, 2024 Meeting Packet(PDF, 2MB)


Executive Committee of the Community Corrections Partnership

Kirk Haynes, Chief Probation Officer, (Chair) County of Fresno 
Dawn Annino, Court Executive Officer, Fresno County Superior Court
John Zanoni, Sheriff, Fresno County Sheriff's Office
Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney, Fresno County District Attorney's  Office
Antoinette Taillac, Public Defender, Fresno County Public Defender's Officer
Susan Holt, Director, Behavioral Health, County of Fresno 
Curt Fleming, Chief of Police, Clovis Police Department

CCP Documents, Agendas, and Minutes

 Implementation Plans

Recorded Meetings

Past Document & Reports