New Hire Compliance/Doc Billing Training

(See your Contract Analyst or Provider Relations Specialist for other new hire requirements)

Fresno County New Hires and Contractors can enroll in upcoming trainings electronically using Eventbrite.


In response to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order, Fresno County has taken steps to reduce health risks to employees and the public by adjusting business practices through many of our departments. The Compliance Office and Managed Care divisions are limiting in-person public contacts by directing contractors and employees to participate in mandatory new hire or annual trainings online whenever available.

After enrolling, look for an email from our Staff Development Team with a link to your scheduled training(s) with additional access information. We will be using Skype or MS Teams to facilitate this mandatory requirement.

Email the Compliance Office @

  • Up to four attendees can be registered at a time by providing their: full name, job title, Organization/Division, email address, and date of hire. The email address you are providing will be used to deliver a confirmation email, if you do not have the attendees email, you can use your own.
  • When registering, one must select which of the 3 trainings they would like to attend.
  • We will utilize your log-in information and other internal measures to verify attendance. 
  • Registration will be available until noon the day before the training.
  • If your registration is not visible during the online session, be sure to notify the instructor.

If you have taken this training in the past, please consult the Compliance Office by email before registering.

General Compliance is mandatory for all staff.

Documentation Billing training is for staff who provide direct services, process billing, QA, clinical supervision, etc.

General Compliance
Now available via Relias or
following the link: Here

Mental Health
Documentation & Billing
8:30AM to 10:30AM
Substance Use Disorder
Documentation & Billing
8:30AM to 10:30AM

Click the Training date below to register 


New Hire General Compliance Training is available online via Relias, and on our website. Please continue to register for Documentation and Billing Training through Eventbrite using the links below

Training Date 1-17-2024

Training Date 2-21-2024

Training Date 3-20-2024

Training Date 4-17-2024

Training Date 5-15-2024

Training Date 5-22-2024

Training Date 6-20-2024

Training Date 7-17-2024

Training Date 8-21-2024

Training Date 9-18-2024

Training Date 10-16-2024

Training Date 10-23-2024

Training Date 11-20-2024

Training Date 12-18-2024


If you have a Behavioral Health emergency
please call 9-1-1

For Access to Services or the Crisis Line,
1 800 654-3937

 CalHOPE Warm Line
1 833 317-HOPE(4673)

Central Valley Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1 800 273-8255