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In early 2019, the County Clerk/Registrar of Voters held community meetings to explore whether or not Fresno County should convert to the Voters Choice Act (VCA) model.  At the same time, the County was preparing to purchase a new voting system.  Based on input from the community meetings, communications from the counties who had or were considering conversion to the VCA and the Secretary of State office, Brandi Orth, County Clerk/Registrar of Voters, recommended to the Board of Supervisors that Fresno County convert to the VCA model and the Board approved the conversion in March, 2019.

The conversion will be effective beginning with the March 2020 election.  Once the conversion takes place, all voters will receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot which can be returned by postage-free mail, drop off boxes or vote centers, which will be equitably distributed throughout the county.  Vote centers will provide a high level of service and will be open for 11 days or 4 days, including weekends. 

Information related to the conversion to the VCA, committees, and data being considered is on this website, and is regularly updated.

Voter's Choice Act Legislation

Secretary of State


VCA Education and Outreach Toolkit

The following items are provided by Fresno County to assist any person or group in disseminating information about the implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act in Fresno County.  The materials should facilitate in-person educational presentations, handout activities and permanent stationary postings of information.  The provided presentation includes speaker notes to accompany the slides.  Users are encouraged to print their own supplies of these documents; Physical copies of flyers or posters may be available upon request. 

Voter’s Choice Act Flyer and Poster Order Form(PDF, 360KB)

Questions or Comments on these items may be made by email or phone, (559) 600-VOTE (8683).






Three community committees are working with the Elections Department staff to determine the locations of vote centers and drop boxes.  The VAAC, Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee focuses on issues related to accessibility for our voters with disabilities.  The LAAC, Language Accessibility Advisory Committee focuses on issues related to voters who speak languages other than English.  The VCAAC, Voters Choice Act Advisory Committee focuses on general issues related to the VCA conversion including siting vote centers and drop boxes and general communication with voters about these changes. 

 Voter's Choice Act Advisory Committee

Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee

Language Accessibility Advisory Committee

September 24, 2020 Voter Accessibility Open House Workshop(PDF, 461KB)


Election Administration Plan (EAP)

Timeline for Voter's Choice Act Implementation(PDF, 335KB)

Final EAP Amendment - August 7, 2020

Due to COVID-19, there will be a few changes to the final EAP plan and the County Clerk/Registrar of Voters was accepting the public’s input on any concerns or feedback they may have had from August 7, 2020 to August 17, 2020. 

Potential Vote Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes, November 2020

Statistics from March 2020 Election




EAP Amended Draft 2021

Fresno County 2021 Amended Draft EAP(PDF, 1MB)

  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_SPA
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_CHN
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_HMG
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_KHM
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_KOR
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_LAO
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_PAN
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_TAG
  • Fresno County 2021 Amended DRAFT EAP_VTN

If you would like to provide written comment regarding the Fresno County Election Administration Plan, please email your comments to:


EAP Drafts Archive

2021 Draft EAP - November 8, 2021

Fresno County 2021 DRAFT Election Administration Plan - Press Release(PDF, 158KB)

Amended Draft EAP - September 6, 2019

Notice of Publication for the Fresno County Draft EAP, September 6, 2019(PDF, 322KB) (Spanish(PDF, 122KB))

Draft EAP - June 7, 2019





Data Analysis Maps & Board of Supervisors Meetings